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  1. AZ hopeful

    A Nurse with POTS Disability: A Great Success Story!

    Congratulations! My kids have POTS, I've probably got it too but not as bad as my kids, it makes life tough, so way to go you!!!!
  2. AZ hopeful

    Band 5 starting salary in London area?

    On top of the basic wage for NHS posts, depending on where in the London area you work, there are extra allowances: Inner /outer /Fringe London weighting, High cost of lving allowance and some places also pay a Retainment allowance
  3. AZ hopeful

    Future nursing from UK to USA

    You should apply for family based visa as soon as he gets his greencard, with the way things are for nurses, it may be a quicker route!
  4. AZ hopeful

    Renewing US RN license

    Yes, have emailed them and awaiting a response, was just wondering if anyone knew. Luckily I have a good contact within the BON because of all the issues I had first time around! Just hoping that you can renew from abroad, my RN status says inactive whereas yours says expired, did you ever renew it or did you just let it elapse? So do they take NCLEX into consideration for Canada..... will have to message you!
  5. AZ hopeful

    Renewing US RN license

    I passed NCLEX 4 years ago so my license is due for renewal, which I am unable to do online because I am still in the UK. Has anyone else renewed their licence from overseas? Is it possible to renew if you have not been able to start the visa process because of retrogression?
  6. AZ hopeful

    Future nursing from UK to USA

    The lengthy visa process time is the least of your problems, it is a very rare occurance for US hospitals to recruit overseas nurses now, I passed my NCLEX 4 years ago and my original job offer was withdrawn because of retrogression, so 5 years on from starting the emigration process we are no further forward than the day I passed my test because I am yet to secure a job offer to allow us to move onto the next stage of applying for a visa
  7. AZ hopeful

    UK nurse relocating to USA, is it worth it?!!

    I sat my NCLEX back in 2007 and at that time you could get an ATT from AZBON without US SSN once you had met CES requirements, not sure if it has changed. An inactive licence doesn't prevent looking for a job, it's the effects of retrogression that has caused that, hospitals cannot keep a position open indefinitely! Lots of us had jobs to go to back in the day but the offers were withdrawn because of the length of time involved with the immigration process. Another point to consider in AZ is that they have so many people applying for nurse training in state that they actually have a to start training so they have a steady flow of new grads which then impacts further on overseas recruitment.
  8. AZ hopeful

    UK nurse relocating to USA, is it worth it?!!

    Oh and no AZ hospitals have recruited in the UK since we started the process in 2007!!!
  9. AZ hopeful

    UK nurse relocating to USA, is it worth it?!!

    The AZ BON do require you to have an affadavit signed by a notary to issue a licence without US SSN and then your status will be listed as 'Inactive, living abroad'
  10. AZ hopeful

    UK Cost of Living and Band 5 Salary

    Just to complicate matters some Kent hospitals also pay London Weighting! The hospitals located on the London /Kent border get 'outer London weighting' up to £4,351 then hospitals in North Kent get 'fringe London Weighting' up to £1,616, then within the fringe area you may get the recruitment and retention payment on top as a way to attract staff who would otherwise commute into London and that's before you add unsociable hours. Once you are into Maidstone / Medway area the money is more in keeping with the national salary.
  11. AZ hopeful

    Agency work in SE London?

    Depends on which area of SE London you are moving to as to where you would look to work, lots of traffic congestion, especially if you are going onto community! A lot of community shortfall is filled by bank staff. Google 'nursing agencies list' and that will bring up a list with locations.
  12. AZ hopeful

    UK Cost of Living and Band 5 Salary

    The cost of living varies widely in Kent, depends on if you are NW Kent, mid Kent or coastal. Many nurses from further down into Kent travel closer to London to work for the extra salary
  13. AZ hopeful

    Enough nurses or not?

    Sorry SD, just catching up and was a 'little' insulted
  14. AZ hopeful

    Enough nurses or not?

    hmmmm.... shall i admit to being an older nurse proud of my uk training and i didn't need to make up any hours in any area and i passed nclex first time in under an hour .... just 75 q's :yeah: :yeah: and i did it with a couple of books, not years of studying and i've got kids and more than one job and i know how to look after patients, really sick patients and i know that i am not the exception
  15. AZ hopeful

    are you tougher on foreign nurses?

    wow what a statement, I have jumped through so many hoops for emigration. I wonder if the original OP understands the emotional rollercoaster involved with emigration. I am a little surprised with OP as one of the reasons for my family choosing to move to US is the friendliness and respect we have always received on visits there, we didn't just stick a pin in a map, we visit the US regularly. Like someone else said, there are always good and bad nurses and country of birth is not neccessarily the deciding factor. Maybe the OP is having a bad experience of more than one nurse to make such a blanket statement, I hope it improves for the OP. I am very thick skinned and am still gonna pursue my dream, I know I am not taking anyone's job as emigration ground to a halt a couple of years ago before the economic slowdown actually hit you all at a local level, it has been really difficult for nurses to gain visas for a long time and that situation will not resolve until it becomes easier for nurses already in the US, they can only recruit overseas if they have not been able to fill the post with a US resident, thats always been the rule! BTW I gained NCLEX first time, with 75 questions in under an hour, so guess I must have learnt a little about nursing in a 'foreign country' over the years
  16. AZ hopeful

    How do YOU drain your effluent bags???

    oooh I like the idea of NO effluent bags, wish we used that system, I'm not sure of what OP meant, do you mean when disposing of them or during treatment, we have hangers on our CVVH machine during treatment, then we have a hanger over a urinal in the sluice to drain them, so they're empty before putting them in the trash although if piggybacking 4 bags we sorta balance them on the edge of the urinal as there is only 1 hanger!!