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Hey y'all! I'm about to start taking my prereqs this summer to meet the Jan 5, 2010 app deadline for the University of Texas at Arlington Second Degree Fast Track Program. Anyone around about to do the same thing? or... Read More

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    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for responding. Have you tired smaller clinics just to get the PCT title then go after the big hospitals...such as primary care clinics, dialysis clinics, blood bank facilities, home health care facilities, etc. I am thinking once you have the job title of a PCT you can possibly get into the THR or any hospital.

    Do you think the Maria Career Institute was a waste of money or did it give you some insight on what to expect being that it is a career change for you as well?

    Thanks again for all of your advice Tommy! It's greatly appreciate.

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    well I don't know if its cancelled or not. it was supposed to be open for this fall, but they cancelled it for Fall 2009 due to funding. All I know is that my advisor said the info would be released before the end of Jun, and now it's July 6th. so who knows? I know the online courses themselves are not completed yet since my professor told me yesterday she is "still working on it". That's all I know. I am hesitant to go with an online fast track because:
    1. it's online: although clinicals are in the hospital, it really is up to you on how much you learn
    2. it's fast track: not only is it online, but it's fast paced=less learning time
    3. it's the first semester: this program has never been used before, so it's like the testing pilot. What if it's not good, and i could have gone to a 2 yr, in class program where I could have learned way more?

    There is a lot to weigh in deciding to go this route. Does anyone else feel like that?
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    Hey guys I just talked to my friend who is in the nursing program at UTA and she said that there is a few people that are doing the fast track program like no more than 10 I wanna say, I'm not sure if it is the same one ya'll are talking about....but she said they started not so long ago and that UTA brought them a PDA each, all of the books were paid for and I think she said they got laptops not sure though. She said they are like guinea pigs, UTA paid for all of the supplies they needed....I guess UTA is trying something out.
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    I've only applied to THR and an occasional Baylor posting. I'm actually freaking out a little because the only reason I needed to work at THR was because it was required to enter UTA's fast track program, which was the reason I became a CNA. But, if the program has been cancelled, that throws a wrench into my plan. Other schools require additional classes as prereqs... grrrrr.

    I liked Maria's Career Institute... The classes were fun, very easy too. Everyone copied off of me and were allowed to because we were told to help each other. It was fun and I'm still friends with some of the ppl in there. The classes were about 3.5 weeks. I would say you might learn more at another school, but you will still pass the state exam more than likely.
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    I'm in the regular program at UTA, not the fast track, but I know several people who were in the fast track program. Priority was given to THR employees. You have to work while you are in the program, and I heard complaints that there was a huge snafu in that the students weren't given help finding jobs in the system while they were in school. You also had to work for THR after graduation, and the scuttlebutt was that students had little or no choice into what areas they were placed. I know several people dropped out of the program, chose to pay back THR, and are now in the class just ahead of mine. I haven't been at the school since May and don't have any idea what they are currently doing, but I would ask some probing questions before signing up for this even if it is still available.

    My class was very lucky to be chosen for some research by Elsevier/Evolve, and as a result we get all of our books for free. We had to buy our own PDAs. They aren't doing this for any other class. At the bookstore you are not given the option of buying each book individually; you have to buy the entire box of books as one package.

    I do know that very soon UTA is going to be doubling their enrollment from 100 to 200 students a semester. They are doing this mainly through online options. I've heard this from several administrators and staff, but don't remember the target date. They have already increased their class size, from 100 to 110 last semester.

    GL to everyone still applying. My memories of how frustrating this is are very vivid.
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    Thanks so much for you insight! It would be great if some paid for our books!! Maybe some of us will get lucky.

    Here is the info I found out from an advisor this past week from UTA.

    The 15 month program is no longer just for THR employees OR second degree students. Anyone who has the prereqisites completed is eligible for to start the program (assuming you're accepted after application).

    Also, they have added start dates: Fall, Spring, and Summer!!

    All classes except for clinicals are online.

    They said to watch for info on their website around the first of August, and the application deadline for Spring '10 will be mid to late August.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Oh wow! Shasta I applied to UTA's nursing program for Spring '10 the application was due june 1.....so does this mean if you want to do the 15 month program you will need to apply again? This would be so great if UTA took advantage of the summer to get the program done with quicker!
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    I don't know if you'd have to make a second application or not. I would just call and talk to an advisor. I REALLY wish I had all my prereqs out of the way.

    Tell me: do you think if I took 15 hours this fall to try and start in the spring, would that be too heavy of a course load? That would mean i'd have to take: elementary statistics, microbiology, concepts of nursing, pathophysiology, and pharmacology all in one semester. Is that too much???
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    No I dont think that its too much, its a good course load, I'm taking Micro, Pharm, Patho & stats. Which is about 13 credit hours, but I have to say I am taking Stats online at DCCCD bc you can go at your own pace and I've heard that its not hard to do at all online! You can do it! By the way concepts is a breeze! you'll do great in that class. I'm going to go on Wed and meet with my advisor
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I may go ahead and try to take all of them so I can start with you (if accepted) in the Spring.

    ****** * was my advisor, but when I called to set an appt to update my transcript, she is no longer with UTA. So they referred me to ****** as well. I just hope they will consider me without having the last few classes. I mean, they'll be finished before December, but not before application.

    Yeah.. I'm taking all of my prereqs from DCCCD. I'm in A&P II right now at Eastfield. Would be nice to know someone starting the nursing classes in the spring. Where are you taking Micro? I'll be taking Dr. ******here at Eastfield.
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