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Hey y'all! I'm about to start taking my prereqs this summer to meet the Jan 5, 2010 app deadline for the University of Texas at Arlington Second Degree Fast Track Program. Anyone around... Read More

  1. by   nikkibro
    Thanks Shasta12

    I kept on going last semester and completed A&P II (B) and Tech writing (A).

    My personal problems are still getting me down. I was intending to start into to pro nursing on the 16th, but I decided to put it off. I am thinking of completing the courses that can be used at ANY nursing program I apply to. (Thinking also UTMB, UT Houston or now looking at direct entry NP). Didn't know there were direct entry NP programs and I want to be a NP at the end of all this.

    I have just decided to go at whatever pace I feel comfortable and everything WILL work out!