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Northern california hospitals to avoid

  1. 0 I just finished a travel assignment at Santa Rosa Memorial, Santa Rosa, CA telemetry and progressive care unit/icu. I'd advise anyone who is interested to stay away. The place has no organization, treats its employees terribly. The progressive care unit is one big dumping ground. I've never seen anything like it. Men and women sharing a large 4 bed room seperated by curtains. Floating sucks, the computer charting system is antiquated and difficult to see orders and you plan of care. I was counting the hours for my contract to be over. I was interested in the progressive care/step down the only patient they had were confused and needed baby sitters. You can have a patient at the end of the hallway and then supposedly a step down patient on the other side of the hallway. It was dangerous. I would not advise anyone to take a job there. Still in California. Anyone know any good hospitals for tele/icu/pcu? California is great otherwise
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    That is distressing to read. I'm sorry for you, your patients, and the patients and staff at the hospital.
    I can easily surmise the hospital is violating regulations. Telemetry is described as patients in a stable condition. The ratio must be 4 or fewer patients per RN.
    Step-Down is 3 or fewer patients. That is for non critical patients with potential or actual instability.

    No hospital may assign patients to a nurse until all competency validation is done and documented and orientation is complete.

    As i've heard before, "When nurses are on the outside; something is wrong inside. The nurses at that facility are not represented by my union. But I'm praying for them it is not easy to strike. Nurses do not take a strike vote lightly. -- California Nurses Strike Over Wage Cuts That Hospital Officials Blame On Obamacare | ThinkProgress
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    A very good friend of mine, and former co-worker, is manager of a department in that hospital. I wonder what she might say.
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    Thanks for sharing, my recruiter is trying to submit me there. Medsurg/neuro, do you know anything about that unit. From what I have read people like Stanford and others have liked UCSF but the pay is low, another person liked Kaiser Vacaville.
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    I have a friend myself that is a manager there, and I'm currently on assignment at another Sisters of St Joseph's hospital. CNA union here, but Santa Rosa has their own union. Perhaps not as strong as CNA. I heard Santa Rosa had a strike in the last couple of months. No doubt there are issues there, but I doubt that the ratios are illegal. The state would be all over them if that was the case.
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    I LOVE Oakland Kaiser... about half way through my assignment now and it has been mostly a positive experience.
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    Quote from palmbeachRN
    I LOVE Oakland Kaiser... about half way through my assignment now and it has been mostly a positive experience.
    What unit are you on? Float a lot?
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    I float between floors 6-9. It sucks because sometimes we float mid-shift. However, I'm a tele nurse and only get 4 pts, sometimes 5 if I float to med surg. Sometimes, it really sucks floating. The last 4 hours are very quick! There are almost always extra RNs around... Break relief nurses and "no cancel" nurses who basically have refused to be cancelled and come in to no assignment and do vitals and help with miscellaneous things. For the most part I've found this combination of things to be very positive! You have to come in with the attitude that you are there to fill staffing needs and be flexible. A lot of people complain, but I have been treated pretty well here, and would probably stay if I could!
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    "No cancel" nurses??? do they get away with that? Curious....
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    Quote from dchicurn
    "No cancel" nurses??? do they get away with that? Curious....
    Union contract
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    Quote from palmbeachRN
    I LOVE Oakland Kaiser... about half way through my assignment now and it has been mostly a positive experience.
    Hi palmbeachrn, I'm also looking into Kaiser facilities in Northern California. Glad to know you like it! I'm new to traveling. Do you mind me asking your agency, housing, pay, etc? Thank you! I just don't know what to expect or ask for my contract.
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    It's true. They are no cancel.. And I have no clue how they make that work. When the ice census had 4 patients... I still worked. Floating is chaotic at first but you get used to it. I agree with palmbeachrn.. It's been a pretty good first assignment.. But you have to be flexible and think positive.
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    Yes it's called wkt work Kaiser time. They do stocking and setting up rooms