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    Northern california hospitals to avoid

    I just finished a travel assignment at Santa Rosa Memorial, Santa Rosa, CA telemetry and progressive care unit/icu. I'd advise anyone who is interested to stay away. The place has no organization, treats its employees terribly. The progressive care unit is one big dumping ground. I've never seen anything like it. Men and women sharing a large 4 bed room seperated by curtains. Floating sucks, the computer charting system is antiquated and difficult to see orders and you plan of care. I was counting the hours for my contract to be over. I was interested in the progressive care/step down the only patient they had were confused and needed baby sitters. You can have a patient at the end of the hallway and then supposedly a step down patient on the other side of the hallway. It was dangerous. I would not advise anyone to take a job there. Still in California. Anyone know any good hospitals for tele/icu/pcu? California is great otherwise