Is traveling REALLY all that AND SOME???!!

  1. Hey y'all,

    Been wanting to travel for a minute but I thought it'd be great if I got experience first....right? Lol. Anyway I have 2yr of Med/surg c tele/Oncology and 1.5yr of Pediatrics (current), from TENNESSEE by way of MS and, I'm just gonna be honest...afraid to go at it alone. It would be great to hear from ppl who are pros at this or newbies to offer advice on getting out there and working with agencies (currently talking to 2, AM and CC) I'm about to apply for my CA license and I'm also interested in NC, IL, and MN.
    Can you really make a lot of money doing this bc I've been looking thru the board and I'm not quite understanding how....
    nonetheless Im guessing it can be rewarding in other areas as well. Hit me up y'all!!!
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  3. by   NedRN
    Start with paid housing, travel, and meals. Would you believe the agency also pays for every hour you work?

    Best deal since high school with paid everything, an allowance, and keys to the family car! And no parents to cramp your style.
  4. by   Strawberrykool
    Quote from NedRN
    Start with paid housing, travel, and meals. Would you believe the agency also pays for every hour you work?

    Best deal since high school with paid everything, an allowance, and keys to the family car! And no parents to cramp your style.
    NedRN I find you to be hilarious.
  5. by   ERsupertramp
    There are a lot of variables when considering travel. In my the money isn't that great. It's not bad, just not great. If I were in it for the money...probably wouldn't be doing it. I am usually forced to take the provided housing since I travel with my family. It's just easier for us. It seems to me a lot of nurses make the extra money by finding their own housing or staying with family to be able to bank stipend money. I bring home roughly about $400 more a month extra with provided housing which includes utilities.
    You said you are currently working peds. I believe this is an excellent specialty to be in. There seems to be quite a need out there for peds. If you find a company/recruiter that you like, have them give you some figures to go over.
    Aside from the money, the experience is amazing. You can learn so much. Meet new people. See the country! That's what I'm all about. Best of luck
  6. by   Strawberrykool
    I wouldnt say traveling is all that, but its super fun and I love it. Someone said it best if you cant stay in one place then travel is good for you. I take my family and I get my own housing and pocket enough money to live comfortable as a lpn
  7. by   RHill9919
    How often do travel nurses travel?

    Do the companies move your family/pets as well?
  8. by   Strawberrykool
    I travel all year round except tge beginning of the year due to facilities being in denial of needing the help. I use the money given to me to move me and my family
  9. by   TNE1
    Most contracts are 13 weeks. Some are shorter and sometimes you can extend. I travel with my son, husband and two dogs. There have been a couple of times they tried to house us in an extended stay which I refused and just sound housing myself. This is an up expensive option. We try to save to be prepared for that.
  10. by   lizabee86RNBSN
    Thanks y'all for the advice. While I know I'm not going to make a killing esp starting off, I don't want to be struggling. I'm 27 yo, single with a small dog so moving around should be pretty easy. Is it hard to find ppl to travel with? Have any of you had traveling buddies?
  11. by   lizabee86RNBSN
    Yeah are funny.
  12. by   BD-RN
    I just started traveling this year. Do I make BANK? No; technically my gross income is about the same as my last staff job. But now I get to go where I want ALMOST as often as I want. I'm not tied to my apartment and the rent, I'm not tied to my job, or any other responsibilities that keep one tied to a place. Everything is tied to ME instead. And I'm still not squandering all my money trying to survive.
    After nursing school, I barely had enough money the change the timing belt on my car (no I'm not a mechanic don't make fun of me) and my credit card was maxed out. Now I'm about to buy a brand new car (not a BMW or anything but a new nice NOT beater car), I actually have some money in my saving account, and I'm making great strides in paying off that debt. Why? Because being a travel nurse, I'm finding it much easier to make that same income and bank it. If you sit down and crunch the numbers after you get a couple offers, you'll see.
    I also have noticed I'm genuinely a lot happier this year in my career. I'm even taking it upon myself to work on my OCN and I actually feel motivated to do it. A part of me wonders if it's because I'm not as involved in the politics of the hospital. My last two contracts haven't even been great, really; but I come to work, take GREAT care of my patients, chart, make jokes with my colleagues, and leave. I'm focused on why I became a nurse and that's it. I've made some great friends in my last two contracts. A patient who back in her day was a travel nurse gave me some advice. "You can handle ANYTHING for 13 weeks." You have a good specialty and good experience, just keep an open mind and go with the flow
  13. by   RHill9919
    For most travel gigs, is it nationwide? Do the companies fly you or require you to drive? Depends on the distance? I recently found our about travel nursing and it is all foreign to me so I'm trying to understand how it works.
  14. by   miam
    You would want to drive so that you could have a vehicle to explore with. Unless you rent a car, and that would be something you pay for, not the agency and quite expensive.