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NurseLizabeeRN BSN, MSN, RN

Pediatrics, Burn/Trauma, Med-Surg, Nurse Education

Not new to this but still learning.

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NurseLizabeeRN is a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Burn/Trauma, Med-Surg, Nurse Education.

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  1. NurseLizabeeRN

    New Clinical Instructor / advice

    Thanks so much for these resources!! Novice educator here finding her way.
  2. NurseLizabeeRN

    Nursing Lab- Label & Inventory

    Fortunately I inherited a nursing lab fairly organized. Still had to update some things as far as labeling. I did have to create a master list of supplies and at the end of each term I take inventory to see what needs we have. If I were you I'd definitely get a sign-up system of sorts so that students AND faculty are held accountable when they retrieve lab equipment. I'm new to my role and still learning the ropes as I go. Hope this helps.
  3. NurseLizabeeRN

    TNecampus MSN Program

    You're welcome! I went to UofM and my scholarly synthesis professor was at UofM as well. She and I had some issues in the beginning with communication, which caused frustration on my end. We worked it out. My paper was about 35p and I feel that I was supported throughout the process. It wasn't as bad as I thought bc I got to write about something that I was passionate about. I'm sure you will do the same. Last few months...you got this!
  4. NurseLizabeeRN

    Here’s How Students Can Manage Stress

    These are for sure great ways to manage stress in the average student. Thing is the students I encounter daily are burdened with soo many extraneous factors that it's almost impossible to get to the basics of what's outlined above. Students who are single parents, caregivers, head of households, in abusive relationships, without transportation, childcare issues, etc. It's a lot!!
  5. NurseLizabeeRN

    The One Nursing Skill That Can Increase Your Business Success

    Thanks for these tips! I think nurses make excellent entrepreneurs, especially since we have some innate abilities that most don't. Prioritization is one of them!
  6. NurseLizabeeRN

    Where you at??? Tennessee Roll Call!!!

    So as I'm perusing these Tennessee nursing section streets...all I hear are crickets! I live in TN and by the looks of it Tennessee section is NOT getting a lot of action! I just want to spice things up in an effort to get to know my lovely Tennessean health care professionals, students included! Let us know your title, # years experience/specialty, what part of TN you practice, day/night shift, and goal(s) in your career. I'll start: Title: Registered Nurse #years experience/specialty: 9yrs, pediatrics and adult critical care (SICU/TICU/BICU) Part of TN: Southeast Day/Night: NIGHTSHIFT ALLLLL DAAYYY Future goals in health care: collegiate nursing education, entrepreneurship Can't wait to hear from and meet you guys!
  7. NurseLizabeeRN

    General Anxiety Disorder and Nursing school in TEXAS

    You are so welcome! Blessings!
  8. NurseLizabeeRN

    TNecampus MSN Program

    That's awesome! I wish you the best!!
  9. NurseLizabeeRN

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Hey people! I've been interested in the HRSA Nurse Corps Loan repayment program for several years, just never took the time to apply. I am full-time nurse faculty in an BSN program. For those who have applied before: 1. When does the cycle usually open? ( I have signed up for updates) 2. How do you calculate your DTI? (This is all new to me) Thanks for your responses. Hopefully we can kick some student loan debt in the butt!! I'm excited and haven't even applied yet! Blessings to you all!
  10. NurseLizabeeRN

    2019 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I know I'm late but congratulations! I'm nurse faculty soon to apply and excited to hear several on the board were finalists!!
  11. NurseLizabeeRN

    Simulation Education

    I am interested in this as well.
  12. NurseLizabeeRN

    Nurse Educators, Introduce Yourselves!

    I am a novice educator; full-time faculty in TN since 2019. I teach in an undergrad BSN program. I have been a nurse for 9yrs with pediatrics and adult critical care as my background. Right now I teach in our Foundations Nursing course with beginner nursing students. It's definitely been a challenge and adjustment but I've learned a lot in the 3 terms I've taught so far. I would like to become well educated and trained in simulation education and get CHSE certification in the next year.
  13. I'll definitely do that. Thanks
  14. NurseLizabeeRN

    Anyone else been turned off to academia?

    LISTEN!! I've been in academia for a year now and THIS has been theeee most apalling to discover. How sway?
  15. NurseLizabeeRN

    Skills Lab, Creative ideas?

    I agree. My experience has been that they are excited to do hands-on things related to nursing. Teaching them the rationale for the skills that we do as nurses definitely keeps them engaged. They have a lot of fun. Good luck!
  16. NurseLizabeeRN

    One Nursing Journey: Educating and Training Nurses

    You have quite the experience. Outside of time/experience, what were some of the things you found helpful to increase your confidence as a nurse educator?

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