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BD-RN has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in BMT.

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  1. Infusion Tx and OCN

    It’s on the ONS website. ? best of luck!
  2. Infusion Tx and OCN

    I think you’re confusing OCN certification and the ONS Chemotherapy & Biotherapy administration certification. The latter is akin to a competency certification: you take a class and pass an exam at the end that says you’re certified to administer...
  3. How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    34,000 pounds is 44,000 USD. The pound is worth more than the dollar.
  4. Should I report this nurse?

    This old myth bugs me to the core. If you have a working iv, i dont care if it's a 24 or 16: hang the freaking blood. There are patients who you just can't get a 18 or 20 on, but they still need blood. I actually pulled up an old study recently that ...
  5. I moved across the country for nursing school. You do what you gotta do to get what you want. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and go for it!
  6. Facebook and employers/school

    How are your privacy settings? If you don't make everything public, there's not much they can see. Be smart about what you post, and know how to set your filters. Example: your username on here looks like it could be your real name. This is a public ...
  7. Stanford Rape

    Did you read her letter? Did you read the part where she wished she could take off her body like a jacket? She specifically said she was not okay, from the moment she realized her underwear was missing. She was not okay, and she knew she had been ra...
  8. Being blamed for fall after shift

    This is considered an "assisted fall"
  9. New Grad Interview for Bone Marrow Transplant

    BMT is under the umbrella of oncology, which is specialty nursing in most hospitals. Because the patients are a little more acute then general med surg, the ratio is usually lower. Even in states with higher ratios, you typically will have no more th...
  10. License transfer

    You don't actually transfer your license, you receive a license by endorsement. You will end up having a license in both states. The length of time varies from state to state. Some states are considered "walk through" which means it's very easy to r...
  11. My boss looked in my EMR for my miscarriage

    You can file a complaint about a HIPAA violation
  12. The film: Vaxxed.

    This has got to be a joke, right? The poor grammar mixed with the cured stage 4 CA screams it. If not, please know, Your friend was NOT cured of their "stage IV cancer" by natural means. As an oncology nurse, I am first and foremost an advocate for ...
  13. The film: Vaxxed.

    It actually had nothing to do with property values. It was a fire hazard. My mother lived in high risk fire country, and the dry, out of control weeds posed a risk to the entire community. This isn't anecdotal information, it's an analogy. There's a...
  14. The film: Vaxxed.

    Before my mother landscaped her backyard (she bought her house brand new in 1993), she had weeds in the backyard. She got lazy, let them grow, and the fire marshal came, and wrote her a ticket for the fire hazard. What was the big deal? It's her prop...
  15. 3 month training and pregnant

    First of all, you can't be fired for being pregnant. That's discriminatory. If you didn't know, you didn't know. What gets you into hot water is that you probably won't be eligible for FMLA, since you won't have been there a year. Also, you're not t...