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BD-RN has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in BMT.

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  1. BD-RN

    Infusion Tx and OCN

    It’s on the ONS website. 🙂 https://www.ons.org/courses/onsoncc-chemotherapy-immunotherapy-certificate-course best of luck!
  2. BD-RN

    Infusion Tx and OCN

    I think you’re confusing OCN certification and the ONS Chemotherapy & Biotherapy administration certification. The latter is akin to a competency certification: you take a class and pass an exam at the end that says you’re certified to administer these medications. Most infusion centers require this upon hire, and I’ve never worked at one that will allow non-chemo certified nurses to give these. There is no minimum level of experience to get this “chemo card”. The OCN certification is certifying you as a clinical expert in this specialty, similar to CCRN, etc. It is designating a nurse as specialty certified. It requires a minimum hours of clinical experience in oncology to be eligible to sit for the exam, and requires continuing education and clinical hours to maintain. It earns you the letters “OCN” after your name. Many centers are requiring this or strongly encouraging specialty certification, especially hospital based clinics. I would clarify this with the hiring manager. Usually if you don’t have Chemo certification before hire they will compensate you to get it (similarly to BLS, etc).
  3. BD-RN

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    34,000 pounds is 44,000 USD. The pound is worth more than the dollar. https://www.google.com/search?q=34000+pounds+to+dollars&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  4. BD-RN

    The film: Vaxxed.

    This has got to be a joke, right? The poor grammar mixed with the cured stage 4 CA screams it. If not, please know, Your friend was NOT cured of their "stage IV cancer" by natural means. As an oncology nurse, I am first and foremost an advocate for my patients before anything else. For someone to say that I am in it for profit is first of all, blind because look at my paycheck, and second, it's downright insulting. PS inject myself with vaccines? While I don't give them to myself, I gladly lend my arm every year for my flu shot. So my patients don't spend big money being hospitalized with the flu. But, you know, I'm all in it for the money... maybe I should quit doing that, and ask for a bonus, or every patient I touched, that got the flu.
  5. BD-RN

    The film: Vaxxed.

    It actually had nothing to do with property values. It was a fire hazard. My mother lived in high risk fire country, and the dry, out of control weeds posed a risk to the entire community. This isn't anecdotal information, it's an analogy. There's a similar point. Certain rules have to be in place for the greater good. We as nurses are taught to look at the big picture. From a community health and safety standpoint, it's about protecting not just little Johnny, but little Johnny's classmates, his friend at the playground, that friends sister who is too young to be vaccinated, the grandmother who has cancer, the aunt who had a stem cell transplant, and on and on. The same as keeping the backyard fire safe, we have to keep the community safe.
  6. BD-RN

    The film: Vaxxed.

    Before my mother landscaped her backyard (she bought her house brand new in 1993), she had weeds in the backyard. She got lazy, let them grow, and the fire marshal came, and wrote her a ticket for the fire hazard. What was the big deal? It's her property, she can do what she wants! WRONG. The weeds were a fire hazard, it proposed a PUBLIC SAFETY issue. THAT is why it's important to vaccinate.
  7. BD-RN

    3 month training and pregnant

    First of all, you can't be fired for being pregnant. That's discriminatory. If you didn't know, you didn't know. What gets you into hot water is that you probably won't be eligible for FMLA, since you won't have been there a year. Also, you're not the first nurse who can't work on the Sabbath. Usually there's a workaround for that. For example, we had nurses in school who had Saturday classes. Those nurses worked every Sunday. I used to work every Monday to make up for being off every Friday, and so on. If they can't work around that... Idk what to tell them. People have lives outside the hospital.
  8. BD-RN

    How long can port-a-cath go without flushing

    I would simply inform the patient of the standard of care, and that it won't hurt to flush it. This way the patient has a lower risk of it clogging and needing tpa.
  9. BD-RN


    Start with the ABSN and go from there. Most of the continuing programs that have the ABSN give you time to decide. Plus; you might change your mind on specialty. I would have never thought I would end up in oncology, but I ended up having a true calling. You sell yourself short if you don't allow yourself to explore.
  10. BD-RN


    Here's the problem with CA. It's a BIG place. You can't just spit out a number for rent and say, "that's how much it costs to live here." A decent place in LA is cheaper than SF, but it's more expensive than SD, but that's more expensive than Riverside County or the Central Valley. It depends on the region you live in. So does salary. Work at UCSF, you'll start out around $120k. Work in LA, you'll start around $90k. BIG difference. You have to be more specific. PS housing is very inflated in pockets like LA and SF.
  11. BD-RN

    My I'm going to medical school

    I was about to say, I immediately smelled a troll when I read this.
  12. BD-RN

    Need advice please :)

    Try to go back as a traveler. It gets your foot in the door.
  13. BD-RN

    Am I getting paid appropriately?

    $1600 take home for so cal is very good pay. Shoot... Maybe I need to get back to traveling!
  14. BD-RN

    new grad: cant find a job

    Residency programs are becoming the norm because they most prepare RNs for successful careers. They require a contract because they usually have a longer than traditional preceptorship, therefore every patient you have is essentially getting a BOGO. Hospitals are paying upwards of a year's salary to train you, so they want to reap the benefits. Trust me, two years go by FAST, plus you're 22. I would expand your horizons. Look at other places in Florida, keep looking at Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee... Go where there's a good residency program that will well prepare you, put in your time, then go where you really want to go!
  15. BD-RN

    NYP Pharm Exam

    This was 3 years ago. I honestly don't remember. Just google it!
  16. BD-RN

    NYP Pharm Exam

    Grr. Hated that stupid test. It had drugs on it we no longer use! If you go to the NLN website and download it (it wasn't expensive), it's literally the same exact test. I studied the night before, and the test had the SAME EXACT QUESTIONS. Another reason why it was the lamest test is ever taken in my life. That was three years ago...maybe they wizened up?