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4 Week Travel Assignments

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    has anyone had an assignment of 4 weeks? and if so, with which traveling agency? thanks...
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    I have not had or heard of a 4 week assignment....but I did do a 6 week assignment through TravelMax. Great experience.
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    Quite a few of the agencies have four week assignments, but they are not common and usually are for specialty-type areas, such as Operating Room, cath lab, endosecopy lab, etc. Rarely find them for things like med-surg.

    They are hit and miss when they have them, last few that I have seen were all for the OR.

    What is your specialty?
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    thanks for the replies...i have worked the majority in M/S and urology; orthopedics; post-partum and same-day surgery...i will continue to look for the 4 week assignments and thanks for the comments...
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    Try On Assignment, NurseChoice or Faststaff
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    thanks for the replies...patty
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    Nurseschoice.com only does 4 week assignments I'm told.:roll
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    Nurse Choice has mostly 8 week assignments and most of them are in the SW and California. They have had some 4 week assignments but not that many.
    The Wolf
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    where did you find a 4 weeker for or? i am a or nurse. i would like to go to alaska for 4 weeks. and help to get me there?
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    There are 4 week assignments for all specialties; being an OR Nurse is a big plus. They are not nearly as plentiful as 13 week assignments, though. You do need to "ask" all the Agencies you come into contact with about this option and tell them off your interest. Let them know, you also intend to renew if that is your goal after some time off.

    I have also heard that you "can" sometimes negotiate time off (not paid and occasionally paid) in between the period of your contract. Be creative, keep good notes of your research, and remember how valuable you are.

    What state, nurseontheloose, are you in? Is it possible to work a drive away from home?

    There are several Agencies who utilize 4 week assignments, that I am familiar with: Travel Nurse Solutions, Fastaff, NurseChoice, and Critical Nurse Staffing. There are others but it depends on what state you want to go to for information to an area.

    I have also called facilities, spoke with the Scheduling Office, to see who they use for Staffing with an Agency. It helps tremendously if you know where you want to go. I have spoken with the Nurse Manager and had them review my information before an Agency was able to recruit me. This is a lot of extra work but I like getting what I want.

    Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.
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    Has Anyone Heard Of 'sunbelt' Staffing Agency? They Are Calling Me Everyday! Every Single Day!!!

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    Quote from jackiannieRN
    Has Anyone Heard Of 'sunbelt' Staffing Agency? They Are Calling Me Everyday! Every Single Day!!!


    From the get go, they sound difficult. Have you told them to not call every day? I would tell them you will get back with them.
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    Bryan Healthcare has some short contracts in northern CA.....Bryan is the name of the agency NOT a recruiter...some of my other posts that I posted the name of the agency was XXXX out...