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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now... Read More

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    i was wondering the same thing about if you can take classes during the summer and about how many ppl they accept. also my school hasn't sent off my transcript, but i'm now and can't drive down there to give them the transcript request form. is it required to send the transcripts with the form or can you just get it sent w/o it?

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    I was also wondering about the sequence of the semesters. And to be safe I would for sure send the form with your transcript. When I called to ask if it had to be directly attached they seemed to be pretty specific about how the transcript needed to be received.
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    It is fall spring summer fall, and for that reason it is my top preference school, I wanna be a nurse already!!!!
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    Just wondering if anyone knows because i'm so afraid that nursing cas won't get everything processed in time, lets say worse case, i don't receive the supplemental application in time to have it turned in my january 15 do you think that they would still review my application? Also wondering what people thought about the teas test, i'm taking it jan. 4th and kinda nerves. I can't say i've been studying as much as i would like to
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    Tessthebest, thank you for that information. I also like that it is fall spring summer and fall, 16 months. We will be job ready 5 months in advance.
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    Tessthebest, the supplemental application isn't due on Jan 15, only the nursingCAS app. Utmb will send you the supplemental app after they receive your nursingCAS application then once u get that in the mail you'll have 2 weeks to submit it online.
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    I submitted my app to NursingCas as soon as the semester was over, and I'm pretty sure they've received my transcripts, just haven't processed them yet...ugh. Stupid form. Tessthebest, I just took the TEAS V a few days ago...the math and reading are sections are easy: simple math, as for the reading, pay attention to what they are asking, it seems pretty tricky. You're going to be mad when I say this, but there is no way to study for the science section. All the questions are completely random, and it's up in the air. Had a question that asked me what serum is made of--I have never learned that, that I can recall. So just go over what you can. For the English section, know simple grammar rules. I hope this helped.
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    CCtech, what did you make on your science section. and would you say it was mainly chemistry, or anatomy, or biology or etc? i really don't know how to prepare myself for this test. I brought the Mcgraw hill 5 practice test and i brought the ATI study guide but will that be enough to make well over a 70%
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    My science score was awful compared to my other scores. Embarrassed to say it but I got like, a 52% on the science section. As far as what is mostly on there, I would say there's more bio questions; there's a handful of chem, a handful of A&P, maybe two physics question, and one geology. For the books, they are both wonderful. The Mcgraw-Hill Practice test book is really good. Do those practice tests! I would say the reading is slightly more difficult than the book, but the science is on point as far as the randomness goes. Math is the same, and grammar is the same. Just focus on the science more than anything. The ATI book is great for studying, it goes in-depth into the sections. If you do well on at least three of the sections, you should be fine with over 70%. If you have anymore questions let me know!
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    Just wondering if you are allowed to use a calculator on the math section of the Teas test? -----and still no update on nursing cas this is driving me insane!!

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