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  1. UTMB Fall 2013

    thanks Tess. You really are the best!
  2. UTMB Fall 2013

    Actually I think the minimum teas score for the Honors Program is now 85, or at least according to their website. I know when I initially submitted my app it was a 90 minimum score.
  3. UTMB Fall 2013

    Does anyone else have an incomplete status asking for a transcript?
  4. UTMB Fall 2013

    Has anyone planned on taking a CPR course?
  5. UTMB Fall 2013

    Yup, my Mystar reverted back to a green circle after accepting, and yes I did receive a new login username a couple of days later via email. I had to call for the new password.
  6. UTMB Fall 2013

    To jgb093, I'm assuming you haven't heard anything about the honors program as well, beyond the letter last week. Or have you?
  7. UTMB Fall 2013

    Nope, nothing was attached.
  8. UTMB Fall 2013

    Correction: my mail actually arrived late today. I got my official acceptance letter.
  9. UTMB Fall 2013

    Almost forgot, Congratulations carlajeanx3, and kkai by the way!
  10. UTMB Fall 2013

    Actually I didn't get an actual acceptance letter, my Mystar is the only thing that changed.
  11. UTMB Fall 2013

    I didn't call to confirm so to say, but I've just received an email that gave me a new UTMB-User ID.
  12. UTMB Fall 2013

    I'm still waiting for further instructions about the honors programs. I know there's going to be an interview for it, but the woman I emailed said that she'll send further instructions in a week, or so. Honors program or not I'm still excited.
  13. UTMB Fall 2013

    I too was surprised that my green circle changed over the weekend, but in no way am I complaining. Should I call them on Monday? I've already accepted. Thanks for the congrats everyone by the way. I'm sure y'all hear from UTMB soon.
  14. UTMB Fall 2013

    Just logged on to Mystar and to my surprise a Green Check appears. My hands are literally shaking right now.
  15. UTMB Fall 2013

    I also got a letter about the honors program.