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  1. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Me toooo:) we can take all the help we can get from people that have already been in our situation!
  2. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    If anyone needs the link for the TWU houston group, let me know! So far only 24 members..
  3. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    If you are looking for the Facebook page for Houston just search for TWU Houston Nursing Class of 2015 it's a closed group meaning you have to request to be in the group but you are able to search for it! If you have any trouble just message me!
  4. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Moond and ladybug3 I sent you both a PM for the Texas woman's fb group!
  5. TWU Spring 2013 Applicants!

    Anyone planning on taking the patho class at Texas woman's Houston campus over the summer? I'm trying to find out when we can sign up for it, I wanna get it out of the way!
  6. UTMB Fall 2013

    I'm really leaning towards twu now, Idk if it's just bc I didn't think I even had a chance to be accepted there, I wish someone could just Make a decision for me I don't know what to choose! And I hate That I can't take a tour of twu!
  7. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Is that for Houston or Dallas?
  8. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Twu Houston nursing class of 2015
  9. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Search for TWU Houston Class Of 2015 on fb I just created a group figured it'd be easy for us to all talk that way!!
  10. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    For you applying to the Houston campus, has anyone toured the school, or met with anyone from the school? I'm so excited to be accepted but I would like I hear some kind of feed back from students in the program or even just visit the campus but it d...
  11. TWU Spring 2013 Applicants!

    I've just been accepted to twu nursing program for fall 2013 and I was curious if anyone would take the time to discuss with me twu nursing program. Basically how are you likening it? Do you feel as If they are preparing you well, is their any advice...
  12. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Anyone looking for a roommate in Houston by chance?
  13. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    I've been accepted to women's Houston :) I'm so excited!
  14. UTMB Fall 2013

    I just found out I'm accepted to Texas women's :)
  15. TWU Fall 2013 Applicants

    Mzipper61 what I personally don't like about the pacesetter program is that while your going through lecture your clinicals reinforced what you did in lecture and you get that live experiance, plus you are completely hands on the entire time so once ...