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Hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and... Read More

  1. by   jshanice11
    do anyone know for open house do you have to be there at 9 or can you come anytime between 9 and 12 because i was trying to take my TEAS that same day at 8 to 12?
  2. by   Cham1028
    Yay! Finally received my supplemental application. I can't wait for my mystar info :-)
  3. by   madallan
    @tessthebest Average?! I am incredibly envious of your 3.8 science GPA, girl! Way to go!
  4. by   tbsaka
    Hello!!! I have been reading this forum for the past 5 weeks and decided to join. I have completed all of the dtails for my application. I am waiting, just like all of you, for my little green circle to turn into a big green check mark. I will be attending the the informational session February 9th. I was wondering if anyone else will be attending? Good luck to everyone else that is applying.
  5. by   tbsaka
    Jshanice 11
    Although I am sure that they want you to be there in the beginning of the session, under your circumstances I don't think that they will keep you from coming in. Just inform the young lady that will confirm your arrival once you get there.
  6. by   Meganrv
    I got my MySTAR today! This will continue to give me HOPE! C'mon green check mark...!!
  7. by   Cham1028
    Quote from Meganrv
    I got my MySTAR today! This will continue to give me HOPE! C'mon green check mark...!!
    Yay! I got mine today as well!!!! I will be checking everyday :-) lol
  8. by   jshanice11
    so guys i have a dilemma. i made a 70% composite score and my gpa is 3.6....i really want to retake my TEAS but im not sure if i will have a ride and I dont want to bother anyone and my money is really tight right now. do you guys think i should keep what i got or take another shot at it and try to find a ride that wont make me late?
  9. by   tbsaka
    Jshanice11Do what your heart tells you to do. Previewing past forums has caused me to believe that your GPA along with your teas score is competitive. I think you are fine. I personally took the test over because I felt that although my first score was above the minimum accepted score for the school, it wasn't competitive. My first score was a 63 (without studying). I hope this helps.
  10. by   Hemcdougall
    I also think your score along with your GPA makes you competitive. I would apply with what you have, if you have a strong personal statement that will make you stand out as well too! I wouldn't stress too much if you can't retake it. Good luck. . Btw my teas was only a 74 with a GPA of 3.0 over all and only 2.75 in the sciences. :/
  11. by   jshanice11
    i was thinking it was kind of competitive but its just i know i can do much better its just going to be hard getting a ride since ill have to go to galveston. do you guys know if they accept ppl on a first come first serve basis?
  12. by   tbsaka
    Jshanice 11It would be awesome if they selected individuals on a first come first basis, but unfortunately they wait until after the deadline to begin selecting the most qualified applicants out of the people that applied for that semester. This means that we probably won't begin hearing anything from them until maybe the beginning of March. I hope that it may be a little sooner.
  13. by   jenlove
    I looked up their fb page. And a rep said they hope to send out decisions in May. Does anyone know how long ati takes to send out the teas scores?