Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

  1. I am starting this for anyone who is applying for the TCC RN program in August.
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  3. by   Loly82
    Hey, I started this same thread last year for the fall class and I never thought that it would reach 998 posts and counting, Ha! Anyway, good luck with the application process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  4. by   Student213

    I have been reading that one - that's why I titled mine the same - I was hoping this one would have the same luck. Lots of great info and a wonderful support group. Congratulations on all of you getting in!!!!
  5. by   msg88
    I'm going to apply for the TCC fall if Baylor doesn't work out for me! So for the spring applicants we have to take the HESI now, omg I'm so happy for you fall applicants, y'all have been waiting forever!!!
  6. by   Student213
    Yeah...it's the HESI now. All they count is your science GPA and the HESI results. Not he overall GPA or the bonus classes.
  7. by   txhusker-SN
    Hmm... So is that supposed to trim down the applicant list per application period?
    If they are going to make us take all of the g.e. classes, only to count our science GPA's, then they should at least take the GPA of the g.e. classes in to consideration also. I have also heard they have upped the # of students they are taking in; to about 120-130, since they are moving to the Trinity River campus & they have been awarded extra funding, but who knows?

    Anyway, any word on what sections will be covered on the HESI? Ive been preparing for it for a while now, but I want to make sure Im studying the correct things.

    But I CAN'T WAIT!
  8. by   Student213
    I agree, I think they should take into consideration the overall GPA if we worked so hard at them. This is the first semester that they are doing it this way. I worked my butt off the keep a perfect GPA. Oh well. I heard they took 110 for the fall semester. My cousin is one of them. Not sure about the HESI but I heard that they are using it to focus more on the science. I haven't started studying for it yet, but I would love to know. Right now I am studying for the TEAS V because I am applying at Weatherford as a back up and their application period ends in July and TCC's doesnt start until August.
  9. by   txhusker-SN
    So true. It is a bit discouraging after working so hard. Makes me kind of bummed, I know this thread is going to be full of "I have a 4.0 science GPA ..." as the application period nears, I have a 3.75 so its going to make me feel kind of crappy. haha... But I heard they are making a lot of changes as far as pre-req's and things like that. But good luck on your TEA's ! I hear WC accepts fewer students that TCC does!
  10. by   Student213
    Your GPA sounds really good. As long as you dont mess up the HESI (like really bad) you should stand an excellent chance of getting in. Check out the thread for the people of applied during the fall. Your GPA seems higher than or equal to alot of theirs and they almost all got in.
    Weatherford does accept fewer students, but they are way easier to get in. I am really hoping for TCC and I am sure I stand a decent chance of getting in, but just in case, lol.
  11. by   formack
    Weatherford only acceps 40 for their fall and 20 on the wait list. I don't know about it being easier to get in. I am on the wait list for fall at WC and I was accepted at Tarleton State's fall program. WC tells you how your points break down, which is nice. TCC is pretty tough though.
  12. by   Student213
    Weatherford takes even less for the spring because it is nights and weekends I guess. I think only 20.
  13. by   studentCL2009
    Weatherford is not easier to get into. There are people who will get in to TCC and be rejected to WC, and vise versa. You grades and points will really make the difference. I will tell you all that I was accepted to both and my grades were not all that great.
    My science classes were , A, B, B, and C. I did do pretty well on the TEAS-87.5. So, just be positive and know that you do not HAVE to have the highest GPa to be accepted. A 3.75 seems very competitive. Good luck to all of you during the app period!!
  14. by   Loly82
    Studentcl is sooooo right. I was rejected from WC with a 4.0 in my sciences and a 3.9 GPA and a reasonable Teas score, but I was accepted at TCC. WC puts a lot of emphasis on the TEAS score. Half of your points comes from that test. Make sure that you study hard for it.