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  1. PCT/PCAs what department?

    just an f.y.i. i wouldnt divulge in to what you make, in to too much detail, some companies/hospitals have policies that you should not discuss what you get paid, and depending on the place it can lead to termination, hence you have your photo as you...
  2. Was your education worth it?

    I am still in nursing school now, but i graduate in august. But roughly im paying about $3600 total [ADN] for tuition/fees. I got really lucky and befriended someone who was a semester ahead of me in the same program and am able to save that couple g...
  3. Can't lift patient- help!

    Never be afraid to ask for help! No matter who the patient is! I still ask for help if I am not familiar with any new patients. If your worried about what other people will say or think, don't pay any mind to them. It's better to be safe than sorry, ...
  4. When I started foundations we did everything, from basic, basic care (linen changes, baths, etc.) to actual work at our clinical sites (giving medicine, starting IVs, catheters, etc.) So we HAD to know our stuff before we could even attempt to do it....
  5. Interviewing for PACU and ICU-PCT positions

    Also, one more thing. I was wondering if I should ask for my current pay or more if I start at a new facility. Doesn't make sense to start somewhere new only to get paid less right? :)
  6. I'm currently a PCT on a med/surg floor, throughout the past months I have applied to numerous PCT positions on different units and this week I got a few calls, three different managers want to interview me for three different hospitals (all of the h...
  7. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    hey guys!!! i've seen quite a few of you new nursing students around campus in the past week or so turning in papers and forms! Congratulations again and get ready for one heck of a ride! Hope you are all ready because it will come and go before you...
  8. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    @rossy- oh bummer! that sucks! well, i guess its better than driving really far to school.. but plaza is a good place DEPENDING on the nurses, LOL! only 3 of my other friends made it in to the same clinical and theory, but registration was a PAIN! b...
  9. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Online theory and M-clinical at HMFW
  10. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    The main building.
  11. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    Just go up to the campus during the week and tell them you want to see an advisor/counselor. Usually a 5-10 minute wait if it's busy
  12. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    Dosage calculations! Don't sweat it. They will cram it down your throat until you throw it back up. Everyone in my class made 100% on it on the first try. Once.you get the feel of the set up you will do fine!!
  13. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    Grey's Anatomy scrubs... you wont regret it. soft as heaven and very breathable material. Shoes- i wore athletic shoes, i was running up and down the hospital halls, up and down the stairs, some people prefer clogs, i like my sneakers. And for adjust...
  14. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    that is ridiculous. it must have been the same packet they sent us. They let us call to register last semester, but i think they changed it because a lot of people would call and register in a spot and then call back to change what day they wanted to...
  15. Tarrant County College Fall 2012

    was it in keller by any chance..?? LOL yeah, like i said, just double check it. Some places will have it at their local church and stuff, but no, no houses for me. You guys can also check with other TCC campuses, I know the NW campus has CPR classes,...