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  1. Harris Health Interviews for GN Jan 2014 start

    I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but I got offered a GN position last month. I had 5 interviews, 4 of them were Presby Dallas and one was Harris Southwest. Each of the interviews was held with the manager of the unit and other employees in...
  2. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    I work nights full time so the pay is a little better. I started at 12 plus 1.50 shift diff for weekdays and 3 for weekends. After I finished my second semester, since im a nurse extern, I got a 2.00 raise plus a raise at one year. I work alot of ...
  3. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    You can be a PCT at most hospitals after the first semester. I actually started applying about halfway through the first semester. You can also be a nurse extern which is what I am. It's basically a PCT except you can doing non med related nursing...
  4. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    Most of the programs are about 4 months. THR is 18 weeks with both classes and working with a nurse on the floor, never more than 40 hours a week.
  5. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    When you get out if you wanna work for a big hospital then you have to do a residency and hospitals offer a number of these every semester. Most of the internships get posted in October of you final semester, if you work for a hospital then they let...
  6. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    Sorry, I do not
  7. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    Haha, I forgot that I wrote this. :) I really do hope you guys hear something by Monday. I have a couple of friends applying as well. Update on the tech job thing I mentioned in the last post...I got a graduate nurse job in an ICU!!! I am beyond exci...
  8. Tarrant County College Spring 2014

    Hello everyone. Sorry that you are waiting so long for your acceptance letters. I know how stressful it can be. I can't tell you if you got in or not but I can tell you that orientation is going to be on Dec 3rd all day. I hope all of you get to at...
  9. DFW new grads

    Baylor put up their internships for two weeks in September. THR started with internal people in Septermer and opened up external in early october. I don't believe they are listing them anymore. JPS was open for a week in October. Methodist put the...
  10. UT Arlington NP Fall 2013

    Hi guys. Congratulations on making it into the program. I was hoping you could advise me. I am graduating with my ADN soon and will be working on my BSN and later I might try to get into NP school. Would it be a good idea for me to take my RN-BSN...
  11. UTA vs TX Tech RN to BSN

    I am graduating with my ADN soon and plan on starting at either UTA or Texas Tech next fall. At first I was leaning towards Texas Tech but my problem is that I may want to get my MSN-NP later and that would probably be at UTA. I know it is hard to ...
  12. Tarrant County College fall 2013

    It's on the 5th floor of the nursing building (street level). You can't miss it. They have a cart outside selling shirts and other stuff.
  13. Tarrant County College fall 2013

    It's the Texas Nursing Student Association. It's the nursing club. You'll find out more about it at orientation. We run the store, go to orientation, organize volunteer stuff, help the students, give out scholarships...etc
  14. Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Oh don't be nervous. You will make lots of new friends and have fun. This might help. Go to youtube and search for TNSA2013 (no space) go down a few links until you see the one actually titled that. Click it and watch the movie inside. It's a re...
  15. Tarrant County College fall 2013

    Hello Future Nursing Students!!! Hi, my name is Verna and I will be the TNSA Peer Assist for next semester. I would like to start off by congratulating everyone who got in, also for those of you that are alternatives...hang in there. There is still ...