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  1. Texas Tech Fall 2015 RN-BSN

    Hello, I also applied and am waiting for my acceptance. Texas Tech requires statistics for admission. I was not accepted the first time I applied because I had not taken stat yet. Also, from what I understand they do accept everyone who meets the min...
  2. Texas A&M HSC RN-BSN

    Has anyone recently attended or applied? I just applied and am curious for any information from people who have attended or applied. Does anyone have any info on the number of applicants that are actually accepted? Also, it says it's online....but I ...
  3. Allowing Pt's Parent to Take Meds Home

    You should think like a nurse rather than a mom. Give the medications in the hospital. That's your responsibility to your patient.
  4. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    For those who will be doing clinicals at Plaza, your clinical instructor is really great. She is so calm and nice. Good luck!
  5. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    It's awesome! I have had a great first semester. It is what you make it though, so always remember that. Keep a positive attitude (and it will be hard). NS is so tough, but also rewarding. Listen to advice from your instructors, study almost everyday...
  6. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Hey, I would recommend going with V-neck. Everyone in this semester has one. All of the clinical instructors will have different requirements, but some are VERY particular and I don't think they will be changing their ways anytime soon, lol. A lot of...
  7. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Hey I just wanted to remind y'all, TNSA also sells scrubs for $2 a piece. You may be able to go to the TNSA office after orientation to see what they have. Last semester, they gave us a mini tour of the TREC and that is where we picked up our nursing...
  8. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    I was accepted to the nursing program last app period. Our schedules were posted at the campus and we were able to go up there and look at them. They may do it differently this time because of security at the TREC campus or something. I can't remembe...
  9. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Congrats to all of you!!!
  10. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    M/W 1-7 clinical T/Th 10-12 lecture Thurs 1:30-4:30 skills Skills will always be on a day of your lecture, not the day of clinical. It's only 1 day per week. the morning clinical is from 7-1 I think.
  11. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    @txhusker-I believe there was only one Saturday clinical offered (10 students) this semester. They will put you at a hospital (make sure that you update your address with the nursing department, not just the school if you have moved recently) near wh...
  12. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    My schedule works out for me. I quit working right before school started. I really don't see how I could work and do this at the same time. I also have no children. I do plan to get a job after this semester is over (part-time). Nursing school is ext...
  13. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Hey all! Not sure if this helps, but Student an Txhusker are correct. You would not be able to take other nursing classes and graduate early. It is a set program and you will have to follow it. Also, the classes will all be at the TREC so that must b...
  14. Tarrant County Spring 2012 Applicants

    Student-No, I didn't pay for two drug tests. I found out about TCC before the drug test for WC was due (barely) so I just paid for TCC. I was super bummed about paying for the background check 2X's though. TCC does the check through Group1 and then f...
  15. Online Nursing Schools

    I'm not sure of any online schools for BSN. Have you considered an ADN program?