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  1. msg88

    Methodist Dallas

    I'm currently in the Med/Surg Residency that started last month at Methodist Dallas. It's about 22 of us so it's a pretty large group. But from working at another hospital before as a PCT. Methodist Health System is just above 100%! Even my interview, I interviewed with my manager and about 8-10 employees on my unit for the panel. I felt so comfortable with them. I could tell everyone is about team work and helping others. The atmosphere is so positive here and the clinical educators are so awesome. Everyone really wants you to learn and succeed. You can ask them anything. They even told us if you need to cry after a rough day or so you could call them lol. Cause they've been there before. You can tell right from the beginning of orientation even during new hire orientation that they really care. It really amazed me how friendly everyone was, because during my clinicals or working at other hospitals you don't get that reaction. Congratulations on your new position I know your going to enjoy it!
  2. msg88

    Methodist Dallas March Internships

    I'm doing the Med Surg residency so it might be a different process. But I interviewed with the manager first, then employees on the floor I say about 8-10 people for the panel interview. They asked me about my clinical experiences, nursing skills, and my work ethic since I used to be a PCT. So a lot of questions clinical wise as far as experience during nursing school and how I got along with other team members. Hope that gives you a little bit of something. I know ICU interviews are more in depth. Good luck! I'm not sure how many people they took this time around.
  3. I was wondering if anybody got accepted into their special nursing internships that began March 23 2015?
  4. msg88

    UT Southwestern GN Internship

    They have some intern positions at Methodist Dallas they posted that start March 23rd! Check those out!
  5. msg88


    It's very hard right now to get a job within DFW most employers want BSN applicants. I graduated May 2014 but passed boards in October and it's been hard to find a job with my ADN. I would say look into the outskirts of the DFW area because they hire ADNs more than within. So you might have to drive further. Check HCA Denton, and Parkland because they hire ADNs. I was able to land a job in Waco - Baylor Scott and White. HCA Denton offered me a position first but they had a better deal. So it just depends but it's very saturated like others say.
  6. msg88

    Hillcrest Medical Center Waco

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience working here or during the internship program ? The staff seems very nice and the hospital is bigger than what I expected it to be. I just wanted some more information..
  7. msg88

    Scott and White Internship - January 2015

    Thanks for the information. I'm gonna go ahead and interview down there and see my options. And see what their all about because HCA offered me a position but I don't like some of the things that go into it. So it doesn't hurt to interview at other places. I have an interview for surgical ICU and 4N I think at Hillcrest. How is the interview process?
  8. msg88

    February 2015 Medical City Internships

    Do all HCA's do the "stipend" internship ?
  9. msg88

    Scott and White Internship - January 2015

    What's the starting pay for GN positions?
  10. msg88

    February 2015 Medical City Internships

    I got offered the internship position at Denton. :) And yes keep us updated. I hope you get the position!
  11. msg88

    February 2015 Medical City Internships

    Congrats!!! I know your relieved now! Also will keep you updated!
  12. msg88

    Scott and White Internship - January 2015

    Yes that's what I meant! Sorry I wasn't specific!
  13. msg88

    Scott and White Internship - January 2015

    I actually applied for Hillcrest in Waco. And they called me asking if I was still interested/interview. I tried calling back, left a message but no return phone call so I'll try to call tomorrow morning again. But before I applied I ask about relocation and someone emailed me saying that they do for PT/FT offers. Does anyone know if this is true ? I was quite surprised but don't know how true that is
  14. msg88

    February 2015 Medical City Internships

    Your interview sounds so intense! OMG! I hope you get it though! I want anything I can get at this point even though Denton is far but I did apply for some THR ones not sure if I get any of those. But Denton I was one of their first interviews last week and they have plenty this week so I'm keeping hope alive. I should hear something before Christmas or by the new year.
  15. msg88

    February 2015 Medical City Internships

    I had my interviews for HCA Denton Friday. For PCU and Medical units. My first interview I talked to the manager and supervisor, and then a current residency and two other nurses on the unit, but my other one was just the manager. I thought it went pretty well but they have more this week so we'll see. They asked me about conflict, tell then about myself, how would I handle certain situations, etc. What I liked most about nursing, where do I see myself in 3-5 years, etc.
  16. msg88

    THR Versant Residency

    I know they barely have anything posted. Hopefully more will come this week. But doesn't look like it.