Spring 2013 El Centro College ADN - page 16

Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   tkb89
    Tarrant county emails them out! Don't know why el centro wouldn't do that! Oh well...
  2. by   jdmar
    If they are coming from Tarrant County...when should we expect them? I was thinking like you kellikelli, that we'd be expecting them on Thursday or Friday.
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  3. by   texastudent765
    I've been stalking here too but never posted! I applied with 24 points. I'm just hoping I didn't forget anything!! One more day till they go out! Eeeeeekkkk can't wait to find out! Best of luck to everyone! Is everyone for sure going to go if they get in? I'm waiting to see if I get in or not but I'm also considering waiting to apply to BSN programs in the fall.
  4. by   Asho2087
    I'm really hoping for Thursday, but realistically, I'm sure it will be Friday!!
  5. by   Asho2087
    I am definitely going to accept if I get in. If not, then I might try mountain view, but hopefully I won't have to worry about that. El Centro is my option, but after hearing so many bad reviews about it I'm a little nervous. I figure if you work hard enough that it will be ok.
  6. by   MorganB
    Well my nerves are bad at this point lol. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I live in Coppell so I'm thinking Saturday, but prayerfully Friday because I think I'd die if I had to wait until Monday.
  7. by   texastudent765
    I live all the way in corpus so it may be a lil longer, I'm thinking I won't know till next weekish. Is anyone worried about the talk about most hospitals moving to magnet status or whatever & not hiring ADNs? I'm not from there so do most hospitals in the Dallas area still accept ADNs?
  8. by   misabui
    Best of luck to everybody
  9. by   kriredmon13
    They send them tomorrow!! Good luck everyone . I still bet we get them on Friday, and I hope everyone has a great weekend and celebrates regardless of the outcome. We got this.
  10. by   texastudent765
    Today is the day!!!!!
  11. by   jdmar
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Freaking out!
  12. by   Trang5891
    Omg! Its killing me
  13. by   kellikelli
    Super anxious! Good luck to everyone!!

    I just found out I'm about 50 down on the waitlist for TWU, so that is going to be a "no". Even though I had decided on El Centro over TWU already, it still stings...and makes acceptance to El Centro even MORE imperitive!