Speeding tickets and employment

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    Uugghh!!!! I did not know speeding tickets are class c misdemeanors in Texas. I had to resubmit application with correction to question asking if I had a misdemeanor. I already had interview but they are doing background check now. I was told at first that they will not hire you if you have a speeding ticket because it is a criminal offense but then was told to submit info and that it won't cause me to not get the job. How many of you have speeding tickets and have jobs? I'm so stressed. To think my whole career is over because of a speeding ticket is just the worse thing I can imagine.

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    That is absurd. Leave Texas.
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    If they ask just tell them it's because you are so excited to get to work that you can't help but to have a leed foot. I am just kidding. Although speeding tickets are misdemeanors I can't imagine that they wouldn't hire someone because of it. When they say misdemeanor I am sure that it relates more to a crime such as possesion of drug paraphanilia, or something more along those lines. But its safer for them to ask about ALL crimes very broadly, its kind of like a catch all.
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    I live in Texas. I've seen the misdemeanors question but it always said excluding traffic violations. Sorry you're going through this cause it's crazy! There is a very few of us in America that haven't gotten a speeding ticket,
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    True, I didn't think of it that way. I feel so dumb that I didn't know speeding tickets were class c misdemeanors. But I'm
    glad I asked HR and corrected the form because I don't want them to think I'm dishonest, just not very educated in the law. Lol! I always think of criminal offenses as drugs, violence, theft, but never thought about speeding ticket. What would I do without Allnurses? I would be totally stressed out and alone. So nice to have a place to go to and vent.
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    On the online application, it doesn't say "excluding traffic violations." It asks if you have had misdemeanor or felony. But I've seen applications where it says excluding traffic violations. Anyways, I'm glad HR knows and I corrected the application. They checked my background report and so far it didn't show the traffic tickets. I just want this job so much. Say a prayer please.
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    Just curious, were you by chance applying for a job with the state? The only place I have seen where you are required to disclose speeding tickets are with the state prison system or other areas requiring a high level of security.
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    FYI, sometimes the question is asked to see if you are honest and disclose all offenses, including traffic tickets. It's not that the employer or licensing body actually cares about traffic tickets - it's a test to see if you honestly disclose everything. If the applicant hides tickets, what else might he or she be hiding?
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    DONT WORRY! I live in Texas and have TONS of speeding tickets. Yes, a speeding ticket is a class C misdemeanor, but it is always an exception.

    ...and I don't appreciate the leave texas comment either! hahaha
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    well , i think it make no sense to be picky about your speeding ticket. maybe the governor has that too but can it stop him from being the governor. I really think the HR is doing ridiculous thing if she is picky about your speeding ticket.

    btw, it seems Texsas is a good place to find nurse jobs and many other jobs. my friend just told me he will relocate there and find a electrician job, is that true ?

    Quote from tele jelly
    DONT WORRY! I live in Texas and have TONS of speeding tickets. Yes, a speeding ticket is a class C misdemeanor, but it is always an exception.

    ...and I don't appreciate the leave texas comment either! hahaha

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