San Angelo TX versus San Antonio TX Hospitals

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    Hey everybody,

    I am interested in finding out whatever I can about these two areas. I am thinking of moving to TX after I earn my BSN this coming January and want to know what hospitals are known to be good as far as helping us new grads transition from student nurses to nurses. Decent pay and benefits are great, but I really want to focus on getting into a hospital that has a good preceptorship/residency/orientation program for new grads. I am also interested in going back to school to earn an MSN eventually, so I would like to be in an area and hospital that promotes growth within the profession and helps nurses achieve their goals in that respect.
    Whatever information anyone can provided in these areas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post

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    San Antonio, TX. "The Baptist Health System" Several hospitals around the city, and they have their own nursing school. I'm attending another nursing school but I've done my clinicals at two of their hospitals. Their staff is great!
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    Thank you Melavarado04 for you response and info. When will you be graduating? I can't wait to be through with school. Have you heard from anyone in the area whether it is hard to get a job straight out of school?
    I wish you luck & strength on your journey towards your nursing degree.
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    Have no fear, I am sure you will be able to find work in either area.

    Where are you living now? I'm from San Antonio originally, and have lived in West Tx also, so I would strongly suggest you explore both geographic areas to find out which one you would like best. West Texas is not for everyone.
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    Thanks for your response.
    I am leaning more towards San Antonio at this point, as it offers more school wise as well as having many more hospitals.

    I am currently living on the island of Oahu (one of the Hawaiian islands). How is west TX not for everyone?
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    Greetings from West Texas!

    I live in Odessa, Texas which is about two hours away from San Angelo. I went to school in San Angelo and LOVED it. For some odd reason, it seems to rain more often in San Angelo (2 or 3 days/wk) than it does in Odessa. San Angelo has a lot of activities for kids and has a beautiful river that runs through downtown. The people there are super friendly and there are two lakes to choose from. It is more of a small town feel and it is VERY laid back. I really liked living there, but here's the problem... Angelo has no shortage of nurses with Howard College and ASU in town. Their wages are $2/hr. less than what I'm starting at in Odessa. My mom lives and works in Angelo at San Angelo Community as a ICU RN. She loves it.

    A couple of years ago, she worked in San Antonio at Baptist Hospital (St. Lukes?) on contract and she enjoyed it. San Antonio seems to be in party mode a lot and its a fun place to go on vacation. We go for Fiesta and for the Poteet Strawberry Festival. I really don't have any experience with living there, but it is much more metropolitan than San Angelo. Hope this helps!
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    Quote from FutureNurse1016
    How is west TX not for everyone?
    West Texas tends to be much more religious and conservative than the rest of Texas, which is a turn off for some. My Texas History described west texas as "a church on every block".
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    Does the AF base have anything to offer in San Angelo or does that aspect make it worse?
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    Quote from CyclicalEvents
    West Texas tends to be much more religious and conservative than the rest of Texas, which is a turn off for some. My Texas History described west texas as "a church on every block".
    Yes, and we all have horses and cows hitched up to the hitchin' post in our front yards. Whatever!:chuckle
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