RN salary a Texas Children's Hospital

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    Is there anyone that could shed some light on the "salary grades" at The Texas Children's Hospital (Houston)? I saw an RN position and it stated salary grade: 11, and I just wondered what ballpark that was in. Thank you in advance for any help
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    Is the salary grade some type of "secret"? I thought somebody would have a little insight for me Trying to figure out cost of living on a grade 11 salary.
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    Read your post, but can't help with the secret code!!
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    Beats me and I've interviewed there!
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    Thanks for responding! Maybe someone out there can help
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    I am also interested in this hospital, HR says that 11 is an internal code and that all salaries are on a case by case basis, nothing is disclosed until you have entered the interview. Not very helpful for those looking to relocate, although I don't see any chance of their pay rates being lower than where I currently work,LOL.
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    That depends on where you are!!
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    No idea what TCH pays, but I've heard that it pays significantly less than other med center hospitals (starts in low 20/hr; as an almost new grad, that's all I know).
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    TCH is the second HIGHEST paying hospital in the med center. I worked there for 7 years...
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    what is the first?