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  1. Yesuba

    UTHSC-Houston FNP- are laptops used in class?

    Hello, Congrats you are almost done... I would really appreciate if you all can help me out here. I'm applying to the fnp program for summer 2014 How was the interview? What are some of the questions asked? Anyone you know that got in the program without experiences? Just BSN How is the program so far? likes/dislikes Did you work fulltime n go to school fulltime? Is there an all online option? Thank you
  2. Yesuba

    UTHSC at Houston FNP MSN Interview vs Acceptance

    Congratulations! I would really appreciate if you all can help me out here. I'm applying to the fnp program for summer 2014 How is the program so far? likes/dislikes Can I work full time and go to school full time?
  3. Yesuba

    moving to Texas?? new grad intern position??

    Hi Dave I dont think I'ld like to forget your name...LOL. I've been trying to get in, at TCH, please help
  4. Yesuba

    Texas Children's Hospital

    Congrats to you both on landing interviews MT56 and Plover1. How was it? Do you mind sharing? Best wishes
  5. Yesuba

    RN salary a Texas Children's Hospital

    Which is the highest paying hospital?
  6. Yesuba

    Bachelors in psych accepted by CRNA schools?

    please can you PM me too? pretty please
  7. Yesuba

    Houston GN Residencies

    HCHD has two interview steps. All initial interviews are at lbj (w/ education director + recruiter) then if successful, you get to interview with the unit manager of your choice (either at lbj or ben taub). For the past internship in January, I heard every applicant was interviewed in step 1, not sure how this 1 will be. GL!
  8. Yesuba

    Texas Health Resource

    meggo and twnurse_2010 sorry for the mix-up. I interviewed with TNWH rather not THR. I applied to the NICU (has been canceled) and womens services.
  9. Yesuba

    Texas Health Resource

    Hello, I have a phone interview with a THR rep for GN positions. Any pointers/tips? I guess this is the initial step in the process. Thanks.
  10. Yesuba

    UTEP or Texas Tech

    Thank you! I will surely get there
  11. Yesuba

    UTEP or Texas Tech

    Thank you all for the info (haven't been on here for a while). I actually got into UT-Houston at the last minute, and I am 4 days from being done (wheew!!). UTEP's nursing program is actually good for anyone considering it. Now onto NCLEX and Jobs!!
  12. Yesuba

    Which floor on Ben Taub?

    Hi, did u get into BT? if so how has it been? I have been called for an interview and I'm wondering the same; which floor to work on/ start out
  13. Yesuba

    Houston GN internship?

    NeoNurseTX Please PM me too with information about GN internships in the Houston area. I get done with my BSN in December 2010. I'd love to be in NICU/mother-baby/L&D. ***Anyone with info r/t the above can PM too:) Thank you all.
  14. Yesuba

    UT Houston INTERVIEW... please help me.. thanks!

    Those are the same quetsions I was asked and the critical thinking too! She did asked if i had any medical experience( i had jx gotten my CNA card). And u'll be asked to discuss hw u can manage the semester work load.
  15. Yesuba

    UT Houston INTERVIEW... please help me.. thanks!

    yayyy!! luckily for me i have all of my shots, cpr, physical exams done...i stll need the background check n drug screening, which should be over by the end of this week. Kinda overwhelming and i was expecting it, giving admission @ 2wks to the start of class but i'm grateful!