Parkland Residency's for January 2013 - page 3

Hi guys! I just wanted to start a thread for everyone applying for the January residency's at Parkland so we can keep each other updated on progress. I've been told that they take their time in... Read More

  1. by   TeeJaazi84
    Hoping 0830,They will be done interviewing on Wednesday of this week for the ER positions. They still have the Burn ICU, NNICU, and L&D residencies posted. I was actually told I could have a position in NNICU but declined because I don't want to 'specialize'. However, the new NNICU at the new Parkland is going to be AMAZING!!
  2. by   Prettyladie
    I have an interview tomorrow morning as well. I applied 10/26.
  3. by   hoping0830
    Has anyone been asked to interview for SICU?
  4. by   Prettyladie
    Does anybody know how many interviews the ER had this cycle? They cut down the interviewing processes fairly quickly, only 3 days? The recruiter says within 2 weeks, the decisions should be made. Anybody know anything else?? Residency is 16 weeks, starts Feb 11, ends right around May. There are 4 parts to the residency...each coupled with classes, and tests you must past in order to successfuly compelete the program. You have a primary preceptor, and a secondary one...that's all I have... lol.
  5. by   TeeJaazi84
    Prettyladie...everything you just said was correct. I have a few friends in ER that juice for info, but they don't know much else. I do know that interviews are done. And I saw at LEAST a hundred diff apps that were put in....
  6. by   Prettyladie
    I have a really good friend who works in the ER, and she said the number you mentioned 22-27 sounds about right. Hopefully people will start finding out next week. I wonder why the residency starts in Feb this year??
  7. by   TeeJaazi84
    I was told because of the high failure on the NCLEX. These people were being put through this residency and not passing boards so they had too many people that couldn't be put to work. As a precaution, the start date is a little later so they can pretty much ensure their prospects are good to go. My friend was already offered a position. December 7 seems so far away!!! Grrrrr......
  8. by   Prettyladie
    That's what I thought so people could have time to pass boards! That's smart. Does your friend work for parkland already? Was she offered a position for the ER? When did she find out? By phone or email? Congrats for her! It's going to be awesome!!!
  9. by   TeeJaazi84
    Yes, she does. They told her that day after interview. I'm hoping I'm able to join her! And yes, it is going to be awesome. I love working for Parkland. Opportunities are endless!
  10. by   Prettyladie
    What day did she interview? I hate playing the waiting game. What's up with everybody else, all the ICU...?
  11. by   TeeJaazi84
    I haven't heard about those depts....but she interviewed Monday. I really want to know how many people interviewed.
  12. by   Prettyladie
    Any updates? I am getting anxious. I hope they let people know this week. I just want a yes or a no.
  13. by   RN_wannab
    I applied to all of the ICU positions. I just keep getting emails that my application is being reviewed and sent. Hopefully we will hear something soon..