Parkland Residency's for January 2013 - page 3

Hi guys! I just wanted to start a thread for everyone applying for the January residency's at Parkland so we can keep each other updated on progress. I've been told that they take their time in... Read More

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    I received another email last night for the ICU residency that my resume had been forwarded to the hiring manager.
    Congrats and good luck LeveloneRN!

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    I received that email too last night, and they called this morning. So keep looking out and checking your phone. It's weird this time, they NEVER called me last time, everything was through the email, and now they called and left a voicemail, I was so shocked!
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    I currently work for PMH and they began ER Residency interviews today. There are 22-27 spots. From my understanding, decisions will be made by December 7. Good luck to you all. The staff is amazing!
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    I just got out of my NNICU interview an hour ago. It went well I would say. I really hope I get it

    They said they are winding down and making their final selections this week and next week.
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    I'm new to this site, so I hope this posts right - but I just wanted to give my experience with Parkland and the application process. I have been extended an offer for the NNICU nurse residency program that begins in Feb. '13. I was called (rather than the typical emails sent) for an interview. It was scheduled right away. I called back about a week later to follow up and they said they were still finalizing their list. I received a call about two hours later from my recruiter extending the offer.
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    I have a few questions while I slowly go crazy waiting.

    LEVELone - have you had your interview? Do you remember when you filled out the application, early on or closer to Nov. 5?

    TeeJaaz - do you know how long they are going to be interviewing? Last year I read that they only interviewed for a week. I am wondering if there will be more than just this week!

    Waiting is so difficult!
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    Hoping 0830,They will be done interviewing on Wednesday of this week for the ER positions. They still have the Burn ICU, NNICU, and L&D residencies posted. I was actually told I could have a position in NNICU but declined because I don't want to 'specialize'. However, the new NNICU at the new Parkland is going to be AMAZING!!
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    I have an interview tomorrow morning as well. I applied 10/26.
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    Has anyone been asked to interview for SICU?
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    Does anybody know how many interviews the ER had this cycle? They cut down the interviewing processes fairly quickly, only 3 days? The recruiter says within 2 weeks, the decisions should be made. Anybody know anything else?? Residency is 16 weeks, starts Feb 11, ends right around May. There are 4 parts to the residency...each coupled with classes, and tests you must past in order to successfuly compelete the program. You have a primary preceptor, and a secondary one...that's all I have... lol.

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