New Grad moving to TX...are there jobs?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm a new graduate from NY and i'm seriously considering texas as a place to live and work. Might I ask how is job search for new grads in TX?
    Thank you

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    You'll be fine if you are willing to move to a rural area or small town located more than 100 miles away from a large city. However, most of the major cities in Texas have presented brutal job markets to new grads, and it is worse if you did not complete any clinical rotations in any of the local hospitals.
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    Hi Inori,
    I just moved from the NY area also. Graduated from Pace last year. I moved to Dallas because of my husbands job transfer in May. Dallas is nice, its not NY, but its nice. So, the job search has been ok... You just have to REALLY hustle!! I am working now at a drug rehab hospital now, and an interviewing for telemetry at ut southwestern and centennial. This is after many rejections. So my point is, if there is a will, there is a way. If u need any help, dont hesitate to PM me. Good luck!!
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    @ TheCommuter Thanks for the tip. Rural TX here i come! haha kk well first get in my license apps, then figure out TX geography. Though it sounds like first i best learn how to drive.. I don't suppose i could use public transportation lol
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    @jomajoma I'm glad you found a job in TX now that gives me hope! and thank you for your offer of help lol i will PM you when the time gets closer. I just never thought that I'd have to leave my home state for work hehe ah well i haven't seen TX
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    OP is correct, a car (with excellent air conditioning) will be essential. Public transportation is one of those "Yankee notions" that has never really caught on in TX - LOL.

    I would also advise the OP to really investigate the different geographic regions in TX as part of the decision process. Moving to an area that is completely dissimilar to one's comfort zone is bad enough without having to deal with a drastically different type of geography. We have everything from 'piney woods' forest to stark desert landscapes and everything in between so I'm sure that there is something that will be acceptable.

    Best of luck with the search. Keep us posted on your progress.
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    Thanks for info. i'll figure out TX geography and see what i can find.
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    may I ask why you're moving from NY to TX? I went to nursing school in NYC, but moved back to Texas (Houston) for a new grad job since i'm from here. I've had a lot of issues getting interviews because a lot of places want people who did their clinicals or externships at their facilities...or went to school in those cities. I was recently offered a job in San Antonio, but most of my classmates up in NY got jobs way before I did! I graduated in Dec 2011.
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    jobs I canna seem to find anything with an associates here its BSN + 1-2 years exp. I have neither. Even a BSN in progress they dont care about its the experience so .. ya I've no choice but to move so i'm making plans now. getting my paper work in order, figuring out TX geography
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    Gotcha! Well I wish you the best of luck! The other posters gave good advice

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