Navarro ADN-RN program Fall 2012 - page 18

Hi Everyone :) Just wanted to start a thread for everyone that's applied to the Navarro College ADN-RN program starting Fall 2012. Figured we needed a place to post, ask each other questions etc.... Read More

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    Thanks for the info, I can't wait to start!
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    Kryssal5, it'll def be encouraging to see how others are dealing. The girl selling me her books has 5 kids and preggo with #6, so its possible. Lol! We'll just have to help each other along the way!
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    I got accepted today!!!! I am getting the remaining 2 shots that I need on May 20th. How is everyne signing up for their TB screening and CPR?
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    congrats shalyn!
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    Congrats Shaylynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yay!!! Congrats Shalynn!!! I knew you would be I think it's so cool that we all got in woop woop!!
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    I will do my TB at the end of May @ the navarro health dept and I registered for CPR class in Corsicana on May 19.
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    I could not imagine going through school and having 5 kids.
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    I couldn't imagine having 5 kids period... adding school on top of that responsibility is remarkable! That lady must be Wonder-Woman!
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    Congrats Shalynn! I couldn't imaging having 5 and going to school either. She's gotta be wonder woman! Haha. Did yall do yalls first "test" yesterday?
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