Memorial Hermann-Nurse Residency Spring 2018 - page 10

Just making a thread for Memorial Hermann's Graduate Nurse Residency program for Spring 2018, so we can keep each other updated on our process. Started filling out my application today! Super excited... Read More

  1. by   cathy281
    Congratulations to all that are moving forward, wish you guys the best!
    I didn't even get the chance to take their questionaire, behavioral assessment, or was notified of my application status. Finally got the courage to email recruiter today that asked me to change campus location, and was told a letter was sent a week or so ago, still haven't seen anything yet. But I assume it's a rejection letter.

    Keep on fighting for your chance to get into the residency program guys!!! Wish y'all the best and congratulations again!
  2. by   cathy281
    @Leesh101 You are still in the running, at least your recruiter keeps in contact with you. I Hope you get into Katy!!
  3. by   Leesh101
    Thank you! dont give up just yet!
  4. by   cathy281
    Quote from Leesh101
    Thank you! dont give up just yet!
    It was very strange the way I found out today and the reason was because I chose Cypress campus as first choice, which makes no sense in any way because I changed location per email exchange to Katy. Still makes no sense to
    me and can't justify it as that being the reason stated in email today. I can accept Rejection related in not meeting qualifications, but for putting down a campus that didn't accept ADN at that location as my first choice is unacceptable. They should have clarified it on their application openings as to which location wanted what degree. It seemed to be open in all aspects whether ADN OR BSN. But whatever, I'm moving onto other available programs. Sorry for venting

    Stay focused and kick butts at Match Day everyone!! Wish everyone the best in their residency!
  5. by   sam2020
    I was contacted via phone to complete the behavioral assessment on October 11. I haven't heard back since about an invitation for Match Day, but the lady I spoke with said they should be inviting people by October 20. Let me know if anyone hears back from Southwest!
  6. by   meganmariee
    Yay! Just received my match day email for TMC!