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Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for the Fall 2013 Lonestar College basic track ADN program. LSC-Montgomery is my first choice, followed by LSC-North Harris, and LSC-Tomball. I applied with an 11.81. Has anyone... Read More

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    It is very overwhelming! The instructions for this have two codes one for social security verification and one for medical document manager? I am going to get both because I assume thats what I am suppose to do! It guess we upload all of our documents to this certified background website and then the school can access it. I have no clue! This is too much!! But I am sure everything will fall into place soon enough! Overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and confusion! My friend who got an alternate letter to NH said yall have an orientation in May. I wish CyFairs was sooner so we could get some clarification and more information. Though my acceptance letter states I will get an email with more detailed information in a couple weeks.

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    Okay, found it.

    Thanks everyone!
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    I need help from you all! I will be new to Houston, and I need suggestions on what area to live in that will not be to far from the NH campus? I was thinking maybe The Woodlands or something. Is that to far? What else is close by? I don't want to be more than 20 to 30 mins max. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    I live in The Woodlands off of sawdust road very close to I-45 and it is a 12-15 minute drive. Are you thinking an apartment?
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    Quote from kevann00
    I live in The Woodlands off of sawdust road very close to I-45 and it is a 12-15 minute drive. Are you thinking an apartment?
    Yes, that or a house either one would work.
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    I think the woodlands would be a good choice commute wise.
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    The second email I got with instructions said if I didn't have an attachment to the first email I wouldn't have to be fingerprinted, but would be able to get fingerprinting done on the 12th since that's when BON would have me listed officially. So much confusion!
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    @kevann00 thanks for your help!
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    Thanks Penguino for all the information. I hope they condense the CNA course into 1 week. I have taken Pharm. allready but plan on doing lots of reviewing. The style of testing we did in Pharmacology was similar to NCLEX testing we were told. Picking the best choice and you could not go back and change answers. I like your tip for the study guide, I will be buying that sooner than later. There are also some good apps out there (some free/some not) that review A&P, diseases and Pharmacology. Those are helpful.
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    When I asked about summer II class to the lady in the counter at Montgomery, she said the student would attend only 1 week.

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