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  1. Recently I have relocated to a new city and started a full-time job. I've needed extra money, so I've been interviewing for multiple PRN positions. The last interview I went on went well and was offered a job on the spot and they wanted me to complete my drug screen. Everything about the position was great except I couldn't get off work from my new full-time job to complete this mandatory orientation. I tried to explain this to the manager before we proceeded with paper work,drug test,etc. She insisted I stay. After she walked me down stairs to lab, I waited briefly and left. First, I had a phone interview following the in person interview and needed to start it. Second, why should I have to drug test for a job I clearly can't get? I'm new on my full-time job and they clearly said 6months before I can be off, which is why I was looking for smaller facilities in the first place trying to avoid lengthy orientation periods. Now for my question: can I work for another brach of the company again? I know they may not call me again, but will I be blocked by their whole system? Finally, is this reportable to the board? After I left, I thought about it looking like I bailed on a drug screen, but for totally different reasons.
  2. Hello, I have recently graduated nursing school and soon start my job as a OR nurse. The facility I will be working for does not have a OR intern program, but are willing to train me since I've been a scrub tech for 14 years. Do you think I can get adequate training without a residency program? My first offer, in another state, had a program. So, now I'm starting to get nervous. What you all think?
  3. lth1123

    Failed the nclex, need help

    Just pick yourself up and continue studying. There are no magic resources out here, I would suggest expand your resource list to work on different styles. I took the test on the 15th and it's a hard test, I thought for sure I failed it. I don't even feel my resources helped me. But, I used hurst, evolve, saunders and NCSBN. Good luck you can do it!
  4. I took the NCLEX almost a week ago, and I must say it was the worst day ever. I used Hurst review, NCSBN, evolve questions and more. However, nothing prepares you for this test. There are so many versions of the test that's why you here so many stories about what to use, this works that doesn't work. It's all a crap shoot, it doesn't matter what resources you use the key to passing is obtaining as much knowledge as you can. So, hopefully the day you show up the computer puts something there you know or can make an educated guess. I really studied for this exam, but after taking the test I feel like studying was a waste of time because after graduation I focused a lot on Hurst and supplemented with the other material. When it came time to test, I felt like a complete dummy. If you are using Hurst and have not tested, I suggest studying the topics not covered on hurst. With all that said, you CAN still pass if not don't give up. The test is hard. Good luck to you all! I'm so glad this part of my life is over, now I can start my job as a OR nurse!!
  5. lth1123

    People who have taken NCLEX, I have a question...

    Thank you for sharing. This was the answer to my question.
  6. lth1123

    Lonestar 2015 fall hopefuls

    Wow! Seriously? They gave us two different ones. We didn't have a boot camp. Maybe that's when you will get it. But, that sucks if it's only a few days before school starts. Maybe they will only make you get the ones you need to start with. The list of 18 books weren't all needed in the beginning.
  7. lth1123

    Lonestar 2015 fall hopefuls

    They will register you for classes. You won't get book list until orientation. Put about $900 up to buy the 18 books you will need.
  8. lth1123

    People who have taken NCLEX, I have a question...

    Nobody asked you!!! If my question didn't help you, keep moving! My question will help me if I get the right answer. You must didn't pass. Keep it moving. Thank you!
  9. lth1123

    People who have taken NCLEX, I have a question...

    Thanks. I understand and I'm prepping myself for the big day. I was just curious how many extremely dedicated students still come up short on NCLEX? If you don't give 100%, then you can't blame anyone but yourself.
  10. I am preparing to take my NCLEX and I have been reading the post about people needing to take the test multiple times. I made good grades throughout nursing school and I study daily. I am wondering for the people who take the multiple times, how were your grades during nursing school? Did you struggle during the program? Basically, I'm trying to see how many people with high GPAs had to test multiple times?
  11. lth1123

    Kindred dallas LTAC

    Kindred of Dallas is good and they paid me great back when I worked there.
  12. lth1123

    Done! Time to graduate.

    Congrats on finishing nursing school! I wish you best of luck with your future journey as a nurse. Can you give me a brief description of what the last semester was like for you? I start my final semester in January and I'm excited and nervous at the same time about what the semester will be like.
  13. lth1123

    Just registered for my LAST semester of nursing school

    Congrats!! I finished finals Monday and received my final schedule today. 147 days until graduation!!!
  14. lth1123

    Preparing for Semester 3

    I suggest you work on questions and finding a way to do better on test. I just completed nursing III and it was my hardest semester. I survived after having better grades in lower level, so if you struggling now if you don't adjust your technique some you may find yourself in trouble next semester. Good luck just keep trying and give it your all you can do it. Only 147 days until graduation!
  15. At my school, those who could had to complete a summer course in addition to the ADN program then they could sit for the LVN. But, it had a few other requirements for those interested. I found that it took most of nursing III for them to be able to take it. We finish in May.
  16. lth1123

    Are there 10 hr shifts in Nursing??

    We have 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts in the OR. I'm not sure about other areas.

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