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  1. lth1123

    Finding a nurse to travel with.

    Hello, I have already signed my first contract but I've thought of this also to pay my mortgage off faster. I wouldn't be available until August. Seattle the only area you interested in?
  2. lth1123

    Roller board vs slider

    I am so glad you are discussing this. I work at a facility that uses sliders. These are not slider boards like some others are posting. It has nothing hard in it. I agree that the majority of problems come when the patient is over 150lbs. I also don't like how subjective the way you use the slider is. Some like a sheet on top of it, others don't, should the stretcher be in or out before we turn to place the slider. The technique for the roller board is universal. In addition, I think it gives poor pt. alignment after the move. Patients are often moved again for repositioning and removing it isn't easy. This is my first facility that I use it and to never again.
  3. Recently I have relocated to a new city and started a full-time job. I've needed extra money, so I've been interviewing for multiple PRN positions. The last interview I went on went well and was offered a job on the spot and they wanted me to complete my drug screen. Everything about the position was great except I couldn't get off work from my new full-time job to complete this mandatory orientation. I tried to explain this to the manager before we proceeded with paper work,drug test,etc. She insisted I stay. After she walked me down stairs to lab, I waited briefly and left. First, I had a phone interview following the in person interview and needed to start it. Second, why should I have to drug test for a job I clearly can't get? I'm new on my full-time job and they clearly said 6months before I can be off, which is why I was looking for smaller facilities in the first place trying to avoid lengthy orientation periods. Now for my question: can I work for another brach of the company again? I know they may not call me again, but will I be blocked by their whole system? Finally, is this reportable to the board? After I left, I thought about it looking like I bailed on a drug screen, but for totally different reasons.
  4. lth1123

    West Coast University in Dallas,Texas

    I didn't go here personally, but a close friend of mine knows a few people who went here, graduated and working where they wanted to. Only complaint, was pricing. No experience RN makes around $23 to $25/hr around DFW. If any of that helps...
  5. lth1123

    New Grad Operating Room or Ideal Image

    If you're interested in the OR, I'd say choose it because once you learn it you can make that or more.
  6. lth1123

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1. Louisiana 2. $26.50 OR (get diff. Forgot exactly what) 3. New grad 4. PRN med/surg tele 5. $37.00 + diff
  7. lth1123

    Compare OR to Cath Lab

    Cath lab has procedures they do which are usually cardiac or PVD in nature. There is way more X-ray with cath lab and the procedures are limited. OR has more variety. They are similar, but very different at the same time.
  8. That plan sounds so expensive! One needs to be omitted I think. If you want a BA in psych, just leave the at ADN out. If you want the ADN, leave the BA in psych out. I see this post and see debt before i can even think of anything else. Ijs
  9. lth1123

    Ortho floor nurse or OR Nurse?

    I am a new grad OR nurse who just secured a second job PRN med-surg.
  10. lth1123

    Stress, and a new grad.

    First, congratulations on graduating from nursing school and passing NCLEX. I have OR experience so I know that it is it's own world entirely. I was a surgical tech for 14 years before graduating in May and becoming an OR nurse. I relocated to another city for nursing school, the culture of that OR was different from what I was use to and it took some time to adjust, even with prior OR experience. Now, I am facing my biggest culture difference of them all, I accepted a job in another state after nursing school. So, it seems like everything I've known and watched nurses do for the past 14 years is almost completely wrong here. Some days I just don't know what to do, when I'm in a crunch, since they released me early from orientation, I can't help but think back to how I would do things like positioning the past and it just be wrong now. My point is, don't beat yourself up about it. The OR is different and not for everybody. You have only been there a few months and you don't have a OR background. I have a OR background and I'm still struggling at times. If you want to stay, do so. If you want to do something else, do that too. I always wanted to be an OR nurse, changing states is the first time I've ever questioned that decision. May I ask what do you feel like your jot getting?
  11. Hello, I have recently graduated nursing school and soon start my job as a OR nurse. The facility I will be working for does not have a OR intern program, but are willing to train me since I've been a scrub tech for 14 years. Do you think I can get adequate training without a residency program? My first offer, in another state, had a program. So, now I'm starting to get nervous. What you all think?
  12. lth1123

    Failed the nclex, need help

    Just pick yourself up and continue studying. There are no magic resources out here, I would suggest expand your resource list to work on different styles. I took the test on the 15th and it's a hard test, I thought for sure I failed it. I don't even feel my resources helped me. But, I used hurst, evolve, saunders and NCSBN. Good luck you can do it!
  13. I took the NCLEX almost a week ago, and I must say it was the worst day ever. I used Hurst review, NCSBN, evolve questions and more. However, nothing prepares you for this test. There are so many versions of the test that's why you here so many stories about what to use, this works that doesn't work. It's all a crap shoot, it doesn't matter what resources you use the key to passing is obtaining as much knowledge as you can. So, hopefully the day you show up the computer puts something there you know or can make an educated guess. I really studied for this exam, but after taking the test I feel like studying was a waste of time because after graduation I focused a lot on Hurst and supplemented with the other material. When it came time to test, I felt like a complete dummy. If you are using Hurst and have not tested, I suggest studying the topics not covered on hurst. With all that said, you CAN still pass if not don't give up. The test is hard. Good luck to you all! I'm so glad this part of my life is over, now I can start my job as a OR nurse!!
  14. lth1123

    People who have taken NCLEX, I have a question...

    Thank you for sharing. This was the answer to my question.
  15. lth1123

    Lonestar 2015 fall hopefuls

    Wow! Seriously? They gave us two different ones. We didn't have a boot camp. Maybe that's when you will get it. But, that sucks if it's only a few days before school starts. Maybe they will only make you get the ones you need to start with. The list of 18 books weren't all needed in the beginning.
  16. lth1123

    Lonestar 2015 fall hopefuls

    They will register you for classes. You won't get book list until orientation. Put about $900 up to buy the 18 books you will need.