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  1. Finding a nurse to travel with.

    Hello, I have already signed my first contract but I've thought of this also to pay my mortgage off faster. I wouldn't be available until August. Seattle the only area you interested in?
  2. Roller board vs slider

    I am so glad you are discussing this. I work at a facility that uses sliders. These are not slider boards like some others are posting. It has nothing hard in it. I agree that the majority of problems come when the patient is over 150lbs. I also...
  3. Recently I have relocated to a new city and started a full-time job. I've needed extra money, so I've been interviewing for multiple PRN positions. The last interview I went on went well and was offered a job on the spot and they wanted me to compl...
  4. West Coast University in Dallas,Texas

    I didn't go here personally, but a close friend of mine knows a few people who went here, graduated and working where they wanted to. Only complaint, was pricing. No experience RN makes around $23 to $25/hr around DFW. If any of that helps...
  5. New Grad Operating Room or Ideal Image

    If you're interested in the OR, I'd say choose it because once you learn it you can make that or more.
  6. **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    1. Louisiana 2. $26.50 OR (get diff. Forgot exactly what) 3. New grad 4. PRN med/surg tele 5. $37.00 + diff
  7. Compare OR to Cath Lab

    Cath lab has procedures they do which are usually cardiac or PVD in nature. There is way more X-ray with cath lab and the procedures are limited. OR has more variety. They are similar, but very different at the same time.
  8. That plan sounds so expensive! One needs to be omitted I think. If you want a BA in psych, just leave the at ADN out. If you want the ADN, leave the BA in psych out. I see this post and see debt before i can even think of anything else. Ijs
  9. Ortho floor nurse or OR Nurse?

    I am a new grad OR nurse who just secured a second job PRN med-surg.
  10. Stress, and a new grad.

    First, congratulations on graduating from nursing school and passing NCLEX. I have OR experience so I know that it is it's own world entirely. I was a surgical tech for 14 years before graduating in May and becoming an OR nurse. I relocated to an...
  11. Hello, I have recently graduated nursing school and soon start my job as a OR nurse. The facility I will be working for does not have a OR intern program, but are willing to train me since I've been a scrub tech for 14 years. Do you think I can get a...
  12. Failed the nclex, need help

    Just pick yourself up and continue studying. There are no magic resources out here, I would suggest expand your resource list to work on different styles. I took the test on the 15th and it's a hard test, I thought for sure I failed it. I don't eve...
  13. I took the NCLEX almost a week ago, and I must say it was the worst day ever. I used Hurst review, NCSBN, evolve questions and more. However, nothing prepares you for this test. There are so many versions of the test that's why you here so many ...
  14. People who have taken NCLEX, I have a question...

    Thank you for sharing. This was the answer to my question.
  15. Lonestar 2015 fall hopefuls

    Wow! Seriously? They gave us two different ones. We didn't have a boot camp. Maybe that's when you will get it. But, that sucks if it's only a few days before school starts. Maybe they will only make you get the ones you need to start with. The lis...