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Recently I have relocated to a new city and started a full-time job. I've needed extra money, so I've been interviewing for multiple PRN positions. The last interview I went on went well and was offered a job on the spot and they wanted me to complete my drug screen. Everything about the position was great except I couldn't get off work from my new full-time job to complete this mandatory orientation. I tried to explain this to the manager before we proceeded with paper work,drug test,etc. She insisted I stay. After she walked me down stairs to lab, I waited briefly and left. First, I had a phone interview following the in person interview and needed to start it. Second, why should I have to drug test for a job I clearly can't get? I'm new on my full-time job and they clearly said 6months before I can be off, which is why I was looking for smaller facilities in the first place trying to avoid lengthy orientation periods. Now for my question: can I work for another brach of the company again? I know they may not call me again, but will I be blocked by their whole system? Finally, is this reportable to the board? After I left, I thought about it looking like I bailed on a drug screen, but for totally different reasons.

Short answers..

Yes, it looks like you bailed on the drug test. The manager probably won't remember you mentioning the scheduling conflict as much as they will remember your abrupt disappearing after the mention of a drug test. Logically, if you stuck around for the rest of the interview and tour bailing at the drug test was the worst possible time to leave. You should have at least taken it, and when you were formally offered the position reiterate you cant take time off and respectfully decline the position.

That way you end on good terms and if asked about the last interview, you can say it was a scheduling conflict that you made so-and-so aware of.

So in that sense, you may have also blown your chance for working with that company. If there are seperate hiring managers for different branches, you MAY have a chance granted that this one didnt put you on some kind of "no interview/non rehirable" list.

Good luck.

Oh and no, you likely will not be reported to the board

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Hi! They probably won't hire you to work at any branch in this company, which shouldn't be a big loss, as the mandatory orientation thing is generally company-wide, not just something they do at just one branch. If you weren't interested in the job anymore, your manager was foolish to walk you down to the lab and have the company spend money drug testing an applicant who didn't want the job (which would have been what happened if you had stayed for your drug test).

While it is not an ideal situation, you were not an employee of the company at the time, so they had no right to mandate any kind of drug test, anyway. There is no way you can be reported to the board for something so silly.

Hope the phone interview went well!