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I applied to Lone Star - ADN program Spring 2012. I was accepted as an alternate. I am hoping to get a call from the nursing department saying there is a spot for me. If not I will be reapplying for the next application period... Read More

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    Hi kalisefer,

    This is really off the topic, how do you change your picture and edit your profile?


    I finally figured it out!
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    Quote from Can'tWait To Be A RN

    Thank you for the information! Are there any topics that you covered that you think will be beneficial to us newbies to study over the summer before class starts? Does your classes usually end on time or do you have to stay later sometimes? Are there any supplies that we will need to buy in advance? How are the professors for the 1st semester, I noticed that there were only a select few that taught the same classes? Is it true that we will only have 6 credits for the 1st semester? How is the online medical ethics class, do you have A LOT of assignments?

    Sorry for all the questions...... I am so nervous!!!

    Thank you so much for helping all of us newbies because it is really hard to get information from people. Thank you too TxDiscoDiva!
    I don't think there's anything you could actually study during the summer (other than math) cause every class is so diferent and new that you actually need to go to class and learn the new material. You might want to review your A&P if you took it a long time ago cause you'll need it for the Health Assessment class.

    Classes are usually from 9:00 to 11:30 (morning group) and 12:30 to 3:00 (afternoon group). Classes end on time .

    You'll need to buy scrubs, nursing kits from the bookstore, a sthetoscope, etc... but don't buy anything right now! wait until orientation. They'll give you all the information you need about this.

    The professors are awesome!!! and like you said there seems to be only a small group of intructors in the program, so we have the same teachers in like two classes... and our teacher for Med Surg I this summer is gonna be the same for Intro to Nursing and Ethic & Legal classes lol.
    I'm taking Ethic & Legal right now and it's not that bad... we have 2 major assignments (discussion posts on Angel and Case Studies) and a quiz every other week. I actually like it better than Intro to Nursing. The other classess (Health Assessment and Nursing Skills) are more about practicing in the lab, some lecture, and projects .
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    Sending off this declaratory order petition tomorrow. I am so nervous, because I have been hearing horror stories from so many individuals. My aunt is an LVN trying to endorse her license from California, and the Texas BON is dragging its feet over an offense that took place over 20 years ago! I'd hate to have come this far, only to have to take a step behind :-(. Worst case scenario, I'd have to wait for another application period to apply. Does the North Harris campus only accept apps during the spring semester?
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    Thank you again...... I can't wait to start!!! Good luck on your finals!
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    I have been reviewing the dosages calculations for meds from my pharm class b/c its been over a year since I've taken that class. I also bought a comprehensive Nclex book b/c it was only $20 at half priced books, and it has some awesome information on test taking strategies. Heres a website for anyone wanting to review the math before hand.. testandcalc.com
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    I haven't been online lately, as I've been trying to finish up Spring semester. Honestly, I can't wait for it to be over because after this semester, nursing school here I come. So excited! I can't wait for orientation so I can begin preparing for the classes.
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    I got my blue card in the mail today! I have never been in trouble except a speeding ticket was still nervous. I got 2 is that normal? Now all I have to do is get my titers done Friday. There is not much talk about Tomball on here. Have all of you taken pharmacology? I am taking my micro the first 6 week summer at moco and thinking about the pharm the 2nd 6 weeks? I really wanted to do it online that way I can spend a little time with the kids this summer but no luck. I wish the Tomball orientation was before May 30th. I am really excited!!!
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    2 blue cards not speeding tickets. lol
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    I was accepted to the Tomball program. I am currently taking pharm and my final exam is currently open, I have to take it by Friday I think. It was not an online class, I actually took it at the Tomball HSB. I think you can be successful taking it online, but I prefer a classroom setting. I am most certain I will have an A, I just need to finish studying and take the exam.
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    I have already taken micro. I thought it was easy, but the practical were a bit challenging. I earned an A last summer at Cy-fair. I really enjoyed the instructor we had he was great at explaining things.

    I am not sure if you want to enroll in a class during the 2nd six weeks, we begin school at the end of July or the first week of August and that might mess you up right before finals during the 2nd six week summer session. I am enrolled in govt I for the mini mester and govt II for the 1st summer session.

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