Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

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    Hello everyone!!!

    I'm currently a 4th semester nursing student in Kentucky, graduating in DEC (Woo-hoo!!!). My husband is being stationed at Lackland AFB and I want to get an idea of the job market in this area. Do hospitals in this area prefer RN's with a BSN over just an ADN? Is there any place that higher new grads more so frequently than any other place? How long did it take you to get your first job? Would it be wise to go ahead and get my bsn right away? I've already planned to do this, just not sure how soon.... I have a million+ questions to ask! But I thought I'd start off with just a few

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    Although I do not live or work in SA, I have heard that it offers one of the better job markets in Texas for new grads.

    On the other hand, the other large metro areas (Houston, Austin, Dallas) have absolutely horrid employment prospects for newly graduated nurses.
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    Employers always prefer a BSN, but you will easily find work in San Antonio as a new grad with an ADN.
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    According to information I received earlier this week, one hospital system in San Antonio has received >400 applications for their next new grad residency program - which is only 20 slots. The good news? The program is open to both BSN & ADN grads, but they must already have their license by the time the program begins.

    FYI, San Antonio has more nursing schools & more new grads - in proportion to the population - than any other large city in Texas.
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    I was one of the 18 people who was accepted into the latest Christus Santa Rosa Versant residency program. Pay is much higher than my cohorts in St. Louis (where I graduated with my BSN). We are also here with the military. We do have to pay $5,000 if we leave the system before two years however. I hope to have a long career with CSR though, and their benefits are outstanding.
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    Soldiermedic1, How was the process and requirements for applying for the CSRV program? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity.Congrats on getting into it!!
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    Remember that with these sign on bonuses that indentured servitude was made illegal along time ago. Good luck to them if they ever try to enforce it.
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    If you dont have luck with SA, you could drive about 2.5 hrs to Eagle Pass to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Hospital-that's where I am. I relocated here from Dallas. Go to indeed.com, they are offering the 20,000 and 24000 dollar bonus for two year contract. It is a border town and small and quiet, it is not dangerous at all. Hospital is small but usually very very busy! Just an idea if you decide to. Best of Luck!!
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    The application process is simple. CSR opens the application online for 1 month for applicants. My dates were the 1st-31st of March. I applied on the 1st because I wanted to show i was super interested in the job. There are several questions on the application, and I highly suggest giving them a good amount of info on the answers instead of simple sentences. They really want good information on why you are selecting your primary and secondary choices.
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    Quote from fathertod
    Remember that with these sign on bonuses that indentured servitude was made illegal along time ago. Good luck to them if they ever try to enforce it.
    There were no sign on bonuses for the Methodist or Christus residency programs.

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