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  1. VanessaRenee

    New grad residency programs in San Antonio area

    I read online that Methodist usually does on the spot interviews during their meet and greet event, which I believe is on the 11th. Did you apply to Baptist new grad programs? I saw that they also have openings for new grads. Their orientation starts in Jan.
  2. VanessaRenee

    Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

    Just an update: I finally moved to San Antonio about a week and a half ago. 3 days into settling in I got a job interview and an immediate offer to a great hospital in the area. This was my first interview right out of nursing school (ADN program) and I got the job! It's with a new grad program and I feel as if it's perfect for me. I was worried about moving out here and how the job market would be. I think it just depends on timing and whether or not your a good fit for the organization. What got me into the door was not who I knew or any kind of networking, but it was the good impression I made through my cover letter and resume.
  3. VanessaRenee

    Happiest day of my life..Passed NCLEX RN with 75 questions!!!

    What study guide are you using? Congrats bty!!!
  4. I just purchased the online review. When I finish all of the videos I'd love to start a study session with you and anyone else that would want to. I actually graduate in Dec. of this year. Just trying to get a head start for the nclex.
  5. VanessaRenee

    Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

    Soldiermedic1, How was the process and requirements for applying for the CSRV program? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity.Congrats on getting into it!!
  6. VanessaRenee

    Hope for ADN in San Antonio, TX???

    Hello everyone!!! I'm currently a 4th semester nursing student in Kentucky, graduating in DEC (Woo-hoo!!!). My husband is being stationed at Lackland AFB and I want to get an idea of the job market in this area. Do hospitals in this area prefer RN's with a BSN over just an ADN? Is there any place that higher new grads more so frequently than any other place? How long did it take you to get your first job? Would it be wise to go ahead and get my bsn right away? I've already planned to do this, just not sure how soon.... I have a million+ questions to ask! But I thought I'd start off with just a few