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HCC Houston Spring 2014 Applicants

  1. 0 I know it's a little early but I submitted my application today for the Spring 2014 ADN program at Houston Community College! Who else is applying for the Spring 2014 start?
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    I attended the information session and was going to apply; found out that they no longer take the HESI. Gave it a try with the TEAS. Completely bombed it. For some reason I feel that the math on that one test is a dream killer for me.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck and I hope that you are accepted.
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    Hey, Im applying... I take the teas on 6/21 and then ill turn in my app
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    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum.
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    ShunnyK.....I have only taken the Teas so I can't compare to the HESI though I have heard that the Teas is harder. I actually did better on the math than all of the other sections which shocked me! I recommend getting the ATI study guide which was very helpful. I wish you luck! Trinatrt...Good Luck on your Teas exam! You've got it!
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    What was covered on the teas for the science portion? Was it just anatomy or chemistry, bio, etc?
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    @jb2016 Thank you for the advice. I have taken the Hesi before. I had to for my entrance to the lvn program I completed last year. Yes, the Teas is harder. The Teas covered everything: algebra, physics, chemistry, English, and A & P. I had a brain freeze during the test. The computers froze up during the test and we had to shut down and then wait 15 minutes. The timer is right there in your face. It was just a bad day for me.
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    shunnyk, sounds like you were in the same testing room I was in because the same thing happened during my test. I am applying for the fall 2013 semester so I am anxiously waiting to hear from the department. I really hope I get in because I barely got the required score for the reading part of the TEAS.
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    @dreksterr....I thought the TEAS covered all bases. There were chem, general bio, and A&P questions. Honestly I went in thinking I would ace the Reading and Language arts sections and struggle through the math and science and instead did the total opposite. I do highly recommend the ATI book because the real exams are very similar to the practice exams in the book.
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    Shunnyk....I am going to take the HESI sometime in August to apply for Lone Star Kingwood Spring start. Do you know of or recommend any study guides for the HESI?
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    Smartypants22....please keep us updated on your status for the fall! Are you taking Pharm right now?
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    I don't have to take pharm because I'm trying to get in the LVN program.
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    The Hesi admission assessment guide is what I am reviewing now.