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  1. Anyone with experiences about HCA Hospitals in the Houston Area? I accepted a position at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and wanna have an idea of what i am getting myself into. Thanks.
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  3. by   RoxyDi
    Recent new management with resulting high turnover from what I've heard.
  4. by   smiles04
    Don't fret HCA is a awesome organization. If there has been turnover look at it like a good thing they got rid of the bad attitudes and call ins. New management also causes the old staff to be a litlle upity at times. Just be a litlte quiet and not to boisterous at first. Absorb everything and don't try to make a bunch of suggestions or changes just accept for about 3 mths then after youve proven your worthiness then go from there. go get em
  5. by   RoxyDi
    Sounds like someone knows "tricks" to being successful as a professional. Be quiet for 3 months? Don't offer suggestions? Having a hard time understanding how this makes a facility "a awesome" place to work. A better idea is to find a place where your contributions are respected, wherever that might be. This post could be titled "Mind your P's and Q's."
  6. by   AdrianLU
    Clearlake has a bad rep for being a difficult place to work (snobbish, cliques, high turnover rate). That all I have heard I have no experience with Clearlake first hand but this from what I have heard only.
  7. by   barkscotty
    all this negative talk concerns me
  8. by   RoxyDi
    Aw, don't let other people's perceptions worry you. You could have a perfectly lovely experience there! You might get a great position with a leader who has a terrific attitude - one who hasn't been scorned by newcomers in powerful positions.
  9. by   gypsyd8

    to the original post:

    you have to do what they say, how they say, when they say. period. the author of the poorly written advice suggests keeping your mouth shut because suggestions are simply not tolerated. if you make too much noise you will be written up. i have experienced the same kind of resistance to change at other facilities, however. that being said, those other facilities are on the verge of bankruptcy, which hca is not.

    i do not know how hca is elsewhere in the country; i can only speak for my own experiences at a rather small facility in california, where we are blessed with mandated ratios. the employees are also represented by a rather large union, but that brings its own set of political wrangling and bs.

    hca is a for-profit corporation, they use meditech for charting, i would avoid any facility that is not represented by a union, although politics usually invades the union as well it affords protections that you will need. the management style could be described as tyrannical. the administration where i work was entirely replaced, and i have not seen what the new ceo or cno will do.

    from what i have heard, they replace all upper management every two years or so, shake everybody up, and then it’s back to business as usual until the jc comes again. i do not know if this is typical of every hca facility, but i find this behavior highly suspect. how can you run an organization when the leadership is replaced as soon as you know who they are? it seems that the head honchos just want to inspire fear and dread in their middle management underlings and uncertainty in us peons.
  10. by   caroladybelle
    In my experience, HCA facilities as a general rule are poor places to work.

    I do not know about that facility personally, but do mind your Ps and Qs while workng HCA, especially in Texas. Otherwise they may black ball you in GroupOne.
  11. by   msrn1204
    Is Methodist Charleton or Methodist Dallas part of HCA?
  12. by   Humbled_Nurse
    Methodist Dallas and Methodist Charlton are not part of HCA. They are part of the Methodist healthcare system. I work for an HCA hospital, and I am very happy there.
  13. by   HouTx
    FYI y'all - Group One is not in the Houston area. Texas only has one unionized facility - small one in north Houston suburb. Houston metropolitan area is extremely competitive & we have several new hospitals opening in the neare future, including one that is very close to HCA Clear Lake. I am sure that no facility is going to stay financially healthy if they treat nurses badly because it's too easy to go down the street.
  14. by   msrn1204
    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I know HCA has a Hospital that begins with the name Methodist, I just wasnt sure if the two had any relation. Do you know if Methodist charleton or methodist Dallas is a good place to work.