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  1. Humbled_Nurse

    65 year old woman pregnant with quadruplets

    When I first saw this story I thought there is no way this can be real but unfortunately it is. I'm sorry but this situation is just wrong. I first want to say that I am all for people having large families and I personally don't care how the children our conceived. That's not my business. Who am I to judge, BUT this situation is completely ridiculous. She already has 13 children. She decided to try for another because her 9 year old wanted a younger sibling. Are you kidding me? I am just shocked that a doctor agreed to this. I know that many fertility clinics have age cut offs. Obviously this doctor didn't seem to care. I'm sure her intention was only to get pregnant with 1 baby. I'm sure she was shocked to find out there was 4. Even a singleton pregnancy is risky for someone at the age of 65. I can't believe she would take that risk. I kinda of lost respect for her when I read this: "Raunigk, who lives in Berlin but plans to move to a town in North Rhine-Westphalia to be closer to some of her other children before the birth, will hope to finance her children's upbringing through media coverage and sponsorship deals." As a NICU nurse I am very aware of the risks of a quadruplet pregnancy. I will be hoping that her body can carry these babies as long as possible for the sake of the babies. I will definitely be following this story.
  2. Humbled_Nurse

    moving to Denton Tx

    There are 2 hospitals in Denton. They are medium size community hospitals. One of them is Presby Denton which is part of Texas Health Resources (THR) which is a non-profit and operates several hospitals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The 2nd hospital is Denton Regional which is for profit and is part of HCA which also operartes several hospitals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. For the most part THR has a better reputation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but I definitely would look into Denton Regional as well. The market is tough for nurses in the area, but I think with your experience you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Here are the links for the 2 hospitals. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton | Denton, TX http://dentonregional.com/ If those don't work out there are a ton of hospitals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to look into.
  3. Humbled_Nurse

    PICU or NICU

    Well it depends on what you are passionate about. Are you drawn to 1 particular area more than the other? Is this an area you have wanted to go into before? When I was in nursing school I was only interested in kids or babies. I pretty much had no interest in adult care. I was lucky enough to be able to go straight into the NICU and have had no regrets. There are some similarities between these areas but there are several differences as well. Here is a breakdown. Remember I have only worked NICU. I have no experience in the PICU. 1) The PICU has a very wide range of ages. Anywhere from newborn to age 18 and it isn't uncommon for some PICU's to have patients older than 18. Usually the "adults" in the PICU have a defect/disease common to children such as cystic fibrosis, congenital heart disease, etc... These kids are living much longer now and adult doctors really don't know what to do with them. 2) The PICU has a wider range of diagnoses. Depending on the type of PICU you are in you may see trauma patients, post surgery patients, and of course a wide variety of medical issues. In the PICU you will see a lot of kids with chronic illnesses that get admitted often. In the NICU you generally see the same type of diagnosis. LOTS of respiratory issues, but if you work in a large, high acuity NICU that does surgery you will see more variety. 3) The level of acuity varies between these units as well. Generally if a kid is in the PICU they are very sick and need the higher level of care. In the NICU not every baby is critically ill. Some babies are in the NICU just for a 48 hour rule out of sepsis and may just need antibiotics for 48 hours. A lot of babies are just a little premature and just need some time to grow and learn to feed. They really aren't "sick." Does that make sense? On the other hand you can have some very sick babies in the NICU. You could be taking care of a 1 pound baby on the oscillator with multiple drips. Also, those babies that don't seem "sick" can turn on you in an instant and become the sickest baby in the unit. Generally speaking though most of the babies in the NICU do pretty well. 4) There is tons of teaching in the NICU. Remember these babies haven't gone home yet so everything is new to mom and dad. Especially if they are 1st time parents. Throw in the fact that their baby is sick or premature and there is much more teaching that goes along with that. It may be as basic as teaching them how to change a diaper or it may be more complicated like teaching about the ventilator, trach care, etc.. In the PICU there will be a lot of teaching as well, but if the child has a chronic illness/disease the parents may be teaching you instead of the other way around. They know there child better than anyone else. Regardless, you will be dealing with the parents A LOT whether you are in NICU or PICU. I would suggest that you request to shadow in both of these units so you can get a feel for what may be a better fit for you. Regardless of which unit you picked you want to make sure you get an extensive orientation. Everything will be new and different. You will probably feel like a new grad again. You also need to consider what you can handle emotionally. I am a mom of 3 small kids so at this point in my life I don't think I could handle working in the PICU. Don't get me wrong the NICU can be very sad and heartbreaking, but I just don't think I could handle taking care of a 2 year old that was severely injured in a car accident or had a near drowning. I just think it would be too much for me. Also you have to put your judgments aside which can be hard. Think of the child in the PICU that was abused and is now neurologically devastated or the mother that just gave birth to her 8th child at 24 weeks and has a positive drug screen and she doesn't have custody of any of her children. There can be some very heartbreaking situations in both units. Also in the PICU you would likely encounter a lot of former NICU patients. If you are in a Children's hospital that has a NICU and a PICU you usually are required to float between the 2 units so that would give you experience in both. Hope that helps Good luck!
  4. Humbled_Nurse

    Interesting cases anyone?

    As far as I know the baby with Legionnare's disease didn't make it. I have always found the genetic anomalies and syndromes very interesting and of course sad. I have always wondered why some hang on and make it to term rather than being naturally miscarried by the Mother. I find genetics very fascinating and complex. Yea, haven't heard of Trisomy 9. Interesting. Glad you were able to make a difference in her life Bortaz!
  5. Humbled_Nurse

    Interesting cases anyone?

    I work in a medium size nonsurgical level III NICU so sometimes things get a little boring. Sure, on occasion we get a really interesting case, but for the most part it is preemie land. So does anyone have any interesting cases from NICU, PICU, or CICU? I know with all the privacy laws you can't give too many details. I recently heard of a case where a newborn contracted Legionnaires disease from a home water birth. I really enjoyed when Janfrn would do her "case studies" as a topic. Hint, Hint
  6. Humbled_Nurse

    Anyone with L&D/PP experience?

    PICU and L&D are totally different, but if L&D interests you I say go for it. Be prepared for a huge learning curve though. It may be hard to break into L&D/PP since your background is PICU. You would need an extensive orientation. For the most part L&D is happy, but be prepared for the occasional stillbirth and the delivery that goes "really bad." L&D can still be quite stressful, but not the level of stress that a PICU brings. I am a mother myself and I think the PICU would be so hard to work in. By the way, I'm not a PICU or L&D nurse, but I am a NICU nurse :) Good luck!
  7. Humbled_Nurse

    And the award for most asked question goes to...

    We get the circ question a lot while still in the OR or DR. It's fine to ask, but can you at least wait until the baby is breathing.
  8. Humbled_Nurse

    Audio site for murmurs

    Try this site. Childhood heart murmurs
  9. Humbled_Nurse

    NNP 24 hour coverage

    I am not an NNP, but have worked with several. Generally they do work 24 hour shifts. Although some do work 12 hour shifts as well. I think the small/medium community hospital NICUs use 24 hour NNP coverage. The neonatologist may only be there during the day. The bigger tertiary care type NICUs may have 12 hour shifts since they have 24 hour neonatology coverage. Usually during the day the neonatologists are there making rounds with the NNPs. The NNPs can sleep at night, but yes, they are called for any issues in the unit, any admissions, and any high risk deliveries so there is no guarantee of a full nights sleep :) I think for the most part it works out fine.
  10. Humbled_Nurse

    Vaccinations in the NICU

    Hello fellow NICU nurses: Mostly a lurker but used to post on here a lot a few years ago. Anyway I am wondering how your NICU handles vaccinations. As most of you are aware vaccinations have become a hot topic in the last few years. More and more parents are researching them and making more informed decisions instead of just assuming what the pedi. tells them to do is the best way. In our unit the Neo's are wanting the babies to get their 1st hepatitis B at 30 days of age regardless of weight, condition, etc... If the kid is super sick (HFOV, drips, etc...) they probably would postpone it, but we have had lots of micropreemies still on SIMV or Bubble CPAP who haven't even reached the 1000 g mark and they are still wanting them to get their 1st Hep B shot. What's the rush? It just doesn't sit right with me. When you compare the babies up in the well baby nursery who weigh anywhere from 5 pounds and up and they get the same dose as a 1-1/2 pound baby it just doesn't seem right. We are so concerned about their neurological development in the NICU so we keep the lights low, the noise low, contain them, etc.... but we give them an immunization that I believe can have an effect are their still developing brains. Also we give the 2 month shots at 60 days which seems to be routine in most NICU's. I think most babies probably do fine with it, but I have seen many babies have setbacks after those 2 month shots. Some of these babies are still weeks from going home and just still seem too fragile to handle all these shots, but the Neo's insist it's just fine. I used to not really give vaccinations a second thought, but lately it is really bothering me and I just don't see the point in giving these babies their shots so soon. Why can't they just wait until they leave the NICU and let the pedi. handle it when they feel the time is right. Like waiting until at least 2 months past their original due dates. I had a lengthy conversation with one of our Neo's about vaccinations and he even admitted that there were some vaccines that he didn't give his kids until they were at least 2. I know that the Neo's just follow the AAP guidelines and just want to keep these babies on the recommended schedule, but I don't think we are doing any of these babies any favors. I am not necessarily anti vax, but I think we need to wait a little longer with some of the preemies in the NICU and not administer them in a 1 size fits all type of mentality. Thoughts? Opinions? So how does your NICU handle vaccines? Wow! I really rambled here. Didn't mean for this to be so long. Thanks for reading.
  11. Humbled_Nurse

    Pick the best out of the 4 hospitals listed

    Please look into these hospitals yourself. Go and look around and try to get an interview and get a feel for it. Don't go by just what people say. Yes, HCA facilities generally don't have the best reputation but many of the HCA facilities have changed for the better. I work for an HCA facility currently and I am very happy there. There are lots of exciting changes going on and they are very employee focused where I work. I feel that my salary is very comparable as well. It really just depends what area/unit you work in. You could go to one of the best hospitals in the area that has the best reputation and still be miserable. It all depends on the other nurses/staff/physicians you work with. Look into and make your own opinions. Good luck!
  12. Humbled_Nurse

    Any suggestions for props for a presentation?

    Pass around a micro-preemie diaper and a size 2 blood pressure cuff.
  13. Humbled_Nurse

    List of hospitals that hire new grads in picu

    Children's Medical Center in Dallas hires new grads in PICU
  14. Humbled_Nurse

    Does passing the RNC count for CEU's?

    For those of you that have taken and passed the RNC were you able to use that toward the 20 hours of required CEU's? My license renewal is up next month and I passed the RNC this past May and I read on the BNE site that is may count towards CEU's. Thanks!
  15. Humbled_Nurse

    Passed my RNC!!!!!

    Maybe HR could verify your hours.
  16. Humbled_Nurse

    Midwestern State University

    I received my BSN from MSU in 98. I felt that the education gave me what I needed. The only thing I didn't like was I was really interested in pedi/neonatal and the hospital in Wichita Falls has limited opportunities in pedi/neonatal, although it didn't affect my chances on getting my first nursing job in the area I wanted. I started out in NICU and that's the area I am still in. Back in 98 it really wasn't hard to get into the program. I didn't have to take the NET. I do recommend this school. I loved the MSU campus. I had a very positive experience when I was there. A lot of nursing students that go to MSU are from the DFW area. I received my education at MSU, but I returned to the DFW area afer I graduated. Good luck to you!