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Anyone with experiences about HCA Hospitals in the Houston Area? I accepted a position at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and wanna have an idea of what i am getting myself into. Thanks.... Read More

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    HCA wouldn't just have access to GroupOne in North Texas, if you worked at any of their facilities and had negative reports in your HR file, they would have access to that as well - and rightfully so.

    I have worked for a couple of HCA facilities in the past, some better or worse than others, some units within them better or worse than others. I can't classify them all as bad to work in.

    One thing I would suggest asking about is the turnover rate. What percentage of the currently employed nurses in that unit have been there for >3 years? Avoid the units who have turned over all but a few of their staff in 3 years - those will be difficult places to work! A strong unit should have a good mix of experienced and new staff. Also avoid the units that have a very high new grad ratio - they hire new grads because people with experience can smell problems and avoid getting hired into that mess. The poor newbies stay 2 years or so and then high tail it to someplace that won't abuse them! (Again resulting in high turnover rates) I would also ask about layoffs - how many people, when they last occurred, and which units were affected.

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    I am currently a traveler at an HCA facility in Houston. It's not horrible, but not the best either. I can see where staff get frustrated, but I also can see a pattern of people who hate their jobs, are just unhappy people in general. I have to say I overall have enjoyed my assignment w/ HCA. Management has been helpful, my coworkers are great too. I do have to say though, the majority of my coworkers are travelers or agency as well. HCA is not very organized, which can be frustrating. My orientation was pretty slim, but I was motivated enough to figure my routines out on my own. I can see the culture of a sink or swim atmosphere. I do get frustrated at my job when I am working with those that are unhappy. They focus so much on how unhappy they are, and pt care gets neglected, as well as the whole "team" effort. For those of you who are that unhappy, go get another job. I can't say that HCA is the worst. I have worked in facilities that are not affiliated w/ HCA, that were way worse.

    I think your job is what you make of it. Nursing is constantly changing, busy, and chaotic. People are sick. We are there to care for them. If you are too tired to give your best, you should probably not be in nursing. Working hard and being in an unsafe situation is completely different. Do I work hard, yes-very hard. Has my situation been unsafe, no. If you are put in an unsafe situation, then you should protect yourself. It is your license that is on the line. NEVER be afraid to stick up for yourself, and if it is that bad, then do not work for that facility. You can always get another job.

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