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  1. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    This sounds like someone out to get you. They are after your $90. Genuine Saudi jobs reqire 3 yrs of experience and pay around $40000/yr. Try and look for jobs in other states.
  2. shah

    TWU NP students I need your HELP!!!!!!!!

    Which campus are you guys at? I emailed my instructor in Houston and she emailed back saying the requirements to look for a preceptor are pretty much the same as Assessment. There will, however be at least 90 hours required this semester. You guys will have to do total 500 hours for the program. While we were doing Assessment, our instructors tipped us to take a Pediatric and Women's Health preceptor for the next 2 semesters, as there is a requirement to do a certain number (which I forgot) of hours in these 2 specialties. The clinical work will be divided into 1/3 each Pedi, Women and Men. So, I would guess we need at least a 100+ hours in each demographic area.
  3. shah

    Texas Hospital Paying for Nurses' Higher Education

    Hold your horses. Midland is not Houston. It is in the boonies in West Texas, which is ultra-conservtive. The town will ostracize a black and white couple for going out, and you will not see a brown face for miles. In Houston, all hospitals have cut back to a fraction what they used to spend on education. You are pretty much on your own here.
  4. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    I agree with you on all of that. I don't think I would like to live like that either. But remember those restrictions are on their women only. Foreigners can do pretty much every thing except for drive. That restriction, too, was imposed after Saudi women saw American women driving after the first Gulf war and demanded to be allowed to do so, too. I also would not take Carmen as an authority on Saudi society. That woman has a agenda, that of making hay out of her broken marriage. Her take on Western society is skewed too. After all, all women living in the west do not want to pose naked with a boa, just like her daughter did, desperate to launch her career.
  5. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    Darn it. It is one of the safest places in the world. I went visiting Mecca and Madina in 2008. You would not believe it, I would get out of the hotel, on foot at 4:00 a.m. and walk to the mosques in downtown Mecca, with no fear of molestation or theft. Try doing that in downtown LA or any city in America. Mecca, Medina and Jeddah are some of the most diverse cities in the world (I have been only to these 3). You actually don't see a single Saudi in the streets. It is all Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Malaysians, Afghans, Africans buying/selling, working, walking. You don't even need to know Arabic to be there. Knowing English/Urdu/Hindi is enough. Unless you are married to one of the locals, you don't have to interact with them. They have a right to live their culture like they want. You don't have to marry them or interact with them if you don't. The difference between Carmen and Caroline above was, one could not adjust/ tolerate the culture and the other could. It is a question of personal preference. Let is not use it to condemn people. Just in case if you want another viewpoint, Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced ex-rep Anthony Weiner was born in America and brought up in Saudi Arabia. She has been the PA of Hillary Clinton for years. According to her narrative, Saudi Women deck out as peacocks when they have parties. The difference is all this is done behind doors. If you were a woman who did not want to display her beauty to strange men, you would also like to dress up only when outsiders are not watching. They prefer women only parties, because they don't have to be on guard about men seeing their beauty. It is an entire different way of thinking. If you want your freedom, respect their freedom to want to be covered. Please do not be judgmental if you do not want to be judged. It is not a perfect society, and some people would want to change the status quo, but is that not true for every society? Why do you think people are camping out on Wall Street today?
  6. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    Sorry, It was not Carmen. It was Caroline who married two of the brothers: http://prisonplanet.com/bin_laden_family_link_to_bush.html
  7. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    FYI Mrs. Laden first married one Bin Laden brother. When he died, she married the second Bin Laden brother, then divorced him. Must have been pretty bad for her to have risked marrying in the same country and family twice.
  8. shah

    Avoid a Nursing Degree

    I hope I will be making $100000+ in 10 years, but life is not linear. There are turns and bumps in the road you cannot foresee. I remember when Ike visited the Houston-Galveston area, nursing took a blow. One of the area's largest magnet hospital shut down overnight. 5000 jobs were lost on Galveston Island. Nurses went looking for jobs in Houston and drove that market down. We have not seen the annual 3% cost of living raise in this areas since then.
  9. shah

    Hospital Privacy Curtains Laden With Germs

    And these cutains touch our butts, backs and hair.
  10. You just tell the truth. You failed a course.No further explanation or blaming.
  11. shah

    Advice on FNP programs in Texas

    UT Houston, TWU, Balor Dallas. Go for a DNP program MSN will be out in 2015.
  12. Did you report the company to the authorities?
  13. shah

    This isn't good- Parkland (Dallas) in trouble

    Someone posed a question: "If you found out an illegal alien had the typhus fever, would you, or would you not treat them?"
  14. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    I actually worked in a Rehab here, where we did all that, including showering patients, with 7 to 8 patients a piece. What happened in reality was, that the 9 a.m. med pass spilled into 11:00 a.m. because you were busy showering people and changing beds. The DON did not last long and they had to hire some CNAs. Yup, we had to hand out and pick up trays too. Stupid. Why pay someone $30 to do do that when you can pay $8 to one extra kitchen staff and let them do it?
  15. shah

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    So you have to do all that by yourself with no help with the same patient load as the US? That is a lot. So then how is it low stress?