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Hi, :wavey: I am a new grad in Minnesota of which many hospitals have unions that protect nurses. I have heard that Texas hospitals don't have unions. Is this true? If not, which hospitals do you know of that have unions... Read More

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    Quote from samatthe
    This is from 11 mo. ago:

    Nurses at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Wednesday filed a charge against the hospital with the National Labor Relations Board, accusing administrators of refusing to negotiate on a policy they say encourages nurses to come to work when they are sick.
    Brenda Landreville, a labor and delivery nurse at the 180-bed hospital and chief negotiator for the nurses' bargaining unit, said hospital policy allows nurses to be fired after six absences within a calendar year, and that they receive a verbal warning on the third absence.
    "It encourages nurses to work when they're sick," Landreville said, "exposing fragile hospital patients and our co-workers to illness."
    Lisa White, associate administrator and director of business development, denied in a statement that the hospital expects nurses to work when they are ill.
    White said nurses are encouraged to find someone to work for them if they are ill. "If you find someone to work your shift, it doesn't count against you," she said.

    'scuse me! But I just moved to TX from a NON-UNION state and THIS is how it worked where I just came from! Actually, I think it's a little generious. WE weren't ALLOWED six absences. We only were permitted four with TWO personal days which COULD be used for vacation - but you get my point.

    Seriously, WHO ever misses six times in a year due to illness?!!?
    Well, I'm glad to see you are a superman/woman and accident proof. Too bad for everbody else :/
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