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Dec 2012 grad. Still no job!

  1. 0 I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Graduated in Dec 2012. Passed NCLEX in Feb. i have been applying to different places. My family/ marriage is very stressed about it. I don't know what else to do. anyone else in the same frustrating position?
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    I was on the same boat. Grad June 2011, found PT work then finally a full time job on September 2011. I actually relocated about 4 hours away just to get my foot in the door. Started on a MS/Oncology floor and finally in the ED now for 6 months. Have you tried applying to nearby towns? Sometimes you just have to widen up your search.
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    You found PT work as an RN?
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    I think that the PP is referring to "Part Time" work.

    If your family is located in DFW, You're probably not able to relocate, but have you widened your search to include LTC, LTACHs & other non-acute settings? There just aren't enough jobs to accommodate all the new grads in the area. I understand that Parkland is on a recruitment 'push' to correct some long-term staffing shortages - be sure to apply there also. You may have to 'make the rounds' and apply at the larger organizations on a regular basis just to make sure that your name is on the active list.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Checking in..I can only keep praying for a job. Keep the faith..I know I am.

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    It's rough, but at least this time around I have nothing better to do than apply and interview all day! I missed a lot of opportunities that last semester with class and clinical commitments.
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    I graduated in May 2012, and didn't start my job until January 2013. I went on MANY interviews (both in DFW & further (SA, Temple, AUstin)). I know how it can feel, and you really just have to keep applying and be in CONSTANT contact with the HR reps.
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    You are not alone. My fiance is still looking. Like you he graduated in Dec and passed NCLEX in Feb. He is going to an interview in Eagle Pass (about a 2.5 hr drive away) next week. I hate the idea of him being gone 3 days out of the week but at this point we don't know what else to do. Good luck!
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    My boss told me last week the only way any new grad applicant gets looked at is if the manager asks for that person's resume from HR by name. Otherwise they simply go into a virtual black hole never to be seen due to the enormous volume of applications. If you have connections you need to be working them. If you don't, you need to be making them.
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    Let this be a warning to all that think DFW/Texas is a mecca for jobs.....

    OP - I hope you find something soon.
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    Try this article:

    It gives you tips on how to become more aggressive in your job hunt, since it seems most of our applications are stuck somewhere in HR online limbo.