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Anyone else giving sign on bonuses

  1. 0 We just started giving current staff bonuses for referring experienced RN's. Anyone else doing that? Unfortunately nothing for new grads unless you already work for the facility and have an extern position.

    We keep hearing about how bad the market is but we are having a hard time finding and keeping good employees. Not sure why, it's as good a place to work as anywhere else I've worked...
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    What city in Texas do you work in? Is your hospital hiring new grads? (without sign on bonuses, obviously). I know a ton of great new grads that seriously would make excellent employees in CA....and are willing to relocate..
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    I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and I have not heard of any sign-on bonuses around here in several years. Employers in this area can attract and retain nurses without perks such as sign-on bonuses due to the economic downturn. It is truly an employer's market in this metro area.
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    Oh yea, I know. I was asking if there were hospitals hiring/needing new grads in different areas of Texas....but obviously I know no sign on bonuses...I wouldn't expect that anywhere nowadays.
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    We hire some new grads, but most if not all of them have already been working at the hospital. PCT, unit clerks, etc and already have extern positions. I'm in NorthEast TX.

    We are having a problem finding experienced nurses....
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    I haven't heard of any bonuses in the Houston area except for very hard to find positions and middle to upper management jobs. It seems that good, experienced nurse leaders are even harder to find than frog's teeth.
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    St. Joseph in central tx, $15,000 sign on with two yr commitment plus relocation reimbursement. Just saw that today on magazine
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    Because East TX (probably NE Tx as well) has horrible pay and you can drive an hour and a half down the road to DFW and make 10.00 an hour more. No joke. That's what I did.