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malenurse122879 has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in NICU, Pediatric Urgent Care.

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  1. malenurse122879

    FNP Job market in Boise/Meridian?

    FNP in Texas considering relocation to Boise/Meridian area - trying to find average wages for FNP (in primary or specialty if you can give either) as well as what the market is like. The flood of new grads here are driving wages down. Tons of competi...
  2. malenurse122879

    Question about compact states

    Hello - I'm graduating in December with my FNP and I have a question. I have an RN license in a compact state (also in the new eNLC) - lets say I wanted to take a temporary assignment as an NP in Florida... would my compact TX license satisfy the RN ...
  3. malenurse122879

    Passed AANP first shot - It can be done.

    I've been lurking the forums for quite a few months now - reading the other tester's stories and tips... So, I thought I'd return the favor and post mine. As of yesterday, 11/17/17, I passed the AANP certification exam first shot. Four weeks before...
  4. malenurse122879

    Passed my FNP exam!! One week after graduating!

    OP - any chance you remember what you scored on the PSI? Thinking about taking it this week and curious what someone who passed boards scored so I can try to gauge. I'm hitting upper 70%'s on APEA 150 questions Qbank "Practice Tests" now so I think I...
  5. malenurse122879

    Passed my FNP exam!! One week after graduating!

    Yes - I'll be taking AANP. Thanks for the tips. That's what I'm hearing from friends on content - lots of elderly and either heavy on pregnancy or peds. I have been doing the Qbank off and on since April along with my classes plus I'm doing Fitzgeral...
  6. malenurse122879

    Passed my FNP exam!! One week after graduating!

    Congrats. I'm testing before graduation next month. Did you only try PSI and the APEA Qbank? Did you try board vitals or the fitzgerald bank with the review book? what about Liek? I've heard APEA qbank is nothing like boards questions. Thoughts?
  7. malenurse122879

    Working during clinical

    I'm in my final practicum - 360 hours over 14 weeks. I'm in clinicals Monday through Thursday 7a-4p Friday from 7a-noon - work Friday 2p-11p (or later), saturday 10:30a-11p (or later) and sunday 10:30a-11p (or later). It's doable but sucks.
  8. malenurse122879

    AANP FNP (Failed -> Passed!)

    Thanks for the writeup. Did you take the APEA review online or in seat? I graduate on 12/14 - I take Fitzgerald's live review on 11/7-11/9 followed by APEA on 11/12-11/14. I figure Fitzgerald will dig in too deep, Amelie will reinforce the main ideas...
  9. malenurse122879

    No rehire !!!!!!!!!!

    Group One is actually not the force it once was. MANY employers have left it. Even Baylor has quit using them. I think the main ones left that use it are Childrens, THR, Nueterra (Cook's northeast hospital), and Parkland. I made an updated post abou...
  10. Which test did you take?
  11. malenurse122879

    Starting at UT-Arlington FNP August 14 th, 2017

    I'm the last group in their legacy program. It's been a disorganized cluster the entire program. At least three potential graduation delaying changes made in our last year alone.
  12. malenurse122879

    Starting at UT-Arlington FNP August 14 th, 2017

    I graduate from their FNP program in December. Don't do it.
  13. malenurse122879

    UT Arlington Yea or Nay?

    I'll tell you like I tell everyone else. If you have other options, take them. I'm graduating from their FNP on campus program in December - started out in their online version. Both are an utter cluster. I do feel prepared for boards, but not worth ...
  14. malenurse122879

    Working as an RN while in FNP school

    I graduate in December with my FNP. I've worked 36 hours per week through the entire program and have taken full-time courses. While doing so I've also held a 3.5 GPA. It's very doable, you just have to make yourself take the needed time out of the w...
  15. malenurse122879

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    Be nice to nurses... we keep doctors from killing you.