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This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new friends and colleagues. I am... Read More

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    osu.2- for the regular NRP the cover letter was filled out in the online portion of the application. The only thing we actually mailed in was our official transcripts!

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    SO I just realized the intern/extern email spot was for a externship we did over the summer!!!! I thought it was for the preceptorship that we do with school. Am I the only one? haha.. So if anyone thought the same and did an externship this summer ****** will let you enter an email address!
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    I am from CA, graduated May 2012, and applied to the Residency program for Summer 2013. (Two of my classmates got accepted in the Winter program) Only waiting for my Dean to finish her part then everything is done! Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone else who applied!

    BTW, Thank you for the information about the OR Internship. I have been so focused on the Residency that I didn't even see it. Applied for that today.
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    Hi all! I'm from northern Indiana and applied for the emergency nursing residency program. I graduated last May and have been working on a maternity floor since August (I know, completely different than emergency medicine!). I am waiting on my references to complete their evaluations. I am hoping to eventually go back for my NP license. Good luck to everyone!
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    Has there been anyone else who has completed all parts of the application, but has has not received the follow-up e-mail?
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    hello! i completed all parts of the application. they sent an email after each part was complete: online portion, references, and transcripts. i haven't received the final follow-up email yet.

    i graduated in May 2012 as well and i was wondering if anybody knows Vanderbilt will take "older" new grads. i'm a little worried about that..

    but good luck to everybody! hopefully we hear from them soon!
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    clee5- I submitted everything and emailed ****** when I didn't get a confirmation email about them receiving my transcripts. She responded with the confirmation that they did. I think not all of the comfirmation emails are being sent out for whatever reason! I would email ****** to make sure!!
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    Hey all!

    I'm from Jacksonville FL and I'm applying for the Emergency Track. I'm glad I'm not the only one freaking out about the confirmation emails. Any one else from FL?

    Good luck everyone!
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    All submitted! Wish you all luck anyone else going for the adult medicine/surgical track?
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    I applied to the Pediatric Track for the Nurse Residency Program. I actually already have my RN as well as MSN, but I have less than 6 months experience as an RN since I went straight through school. Additionally, I've only worked in primary care in private clinics, so I decided to go back to get experience in acute care to eventually become an acute care PNP (which requires acute care experience). I e-mailed the program, and they told me I am eligible because of having less than 6 months experience. I've gotten 2 out of the 3 check-marks and have submitted my transcript; I hope that my final reference (who has confirmed she will do it) submits her form soon. I wish everybody the best of luck; Vanderbilt is an excellent place to learn and work!

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