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  1. clee5

    Air Force NTP Boards July 2013

    SN2013 I'm also from Colorado. One of my friends from school was also selected. Are you from the springs? We should all get together before we leave so we will know a few familiar faces when we report.
  2. clee5

    Air Force NTP Boards July 2013

    Hey all. I'm new to this discussion, but I wanted to let you guys know that I was selected for MedSurg. I will be leaving for COT in October, NTP in San Antonio, and off to California for my first duty station. Some of my background is 4 years prior service army combat medic, 3.5 GPA, graduated may 2013, and got my license in july (after the board). Congrats to all that made it. Keep you chins up for those that were alternates and non select. I know how it feels. Last years I was and alternate for the army nursing board.
  3. OK, so I contacted ***** and then received the e-mail stating that everything was received and entered into the system. The e-mail stated that a follow-up e-mail will be sent mid-Feb with further instructions. YEAH, more waiting:(
  4. Has there been anyone else who has completed all parts of the application, but has has not received the follow-up e-mail?
  5. I am sending off my transcript today and then I will have everything in. YEAH!!! The transcript is the only thing that needs to be mailed in, the rest is online. I wonder how long it will take to hear if we get an interview. Good luck to everyone and have a wonderful Holiday.
  6. clee5

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program - Winter 2013

    Thanks. I have already submitted my online application, so volunteer work won't show up on it, but I guess it's better to be able to say that I have volunteered.
  7. I used a professor and a clinical instructor for my two main references, both of who taught me during critical care. The alternates I used was the director of the lab at my school and another clinical instructor. I would try to use instructors/teacher who specialize in the area you are applying for.
  8. Not much. Th online application is just a lot of copy and paste and adding you references. However, it does ask for employment, volunteer, and leadership experience, which I have none. Is anyone else in this boat? I have spent so much time trying to get through school, that I didn't have time to work or volunteer:)
  9. clee5

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program - Winter 2013

    Question fo those who were selected. I am just doing my application for the summer program, but I don't have any work, volunteer, or leadership experience. Will this count against me? Was anyone who was selected in the same predicament?
  10. clee5

    2012 Nurse Residency Program at Vanderbilt

    I have a question for those of you who were accepted to the program this winter. I am applying for the summer program, but I do not have any work, volunteer or leadership experience, especially while I have been in school. Was anyone who was selected in this predicament too?
  11. I think you will do great in psych. From what I understand there are a shortage of psych nurses.
  12. I just received the packet from Vanderbilt outlining the application process. Hopefully I will be able to get it in before Christmas. It sounds like this is a pretty competitive program to get into.
  13. This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new friends and colleagues. I am currently in my final year of nursing school at UCCS in Colorado. My goals are to be accepted for the adult critical care track an then return to school and become a CRNA. I know the job market is very competitive, especially for residency programs. I completed the online application 2 days ago and am waiting to hear back for more instructions. Good luck to everyone:)
  14. clee5

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program - Winter 2013

    I am applying for the residency program for the summer of 2013. Currently I am in my last year of school at UCCS in colorado. My passion lies in critical care and eventually I would like to return to school for CRNA. I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice on how to get selected and what should be put in the letter of intent. Congrats to all who were accepted for the winter:)
  15. clee5

    Army Nurse Corps FY2013 OML Candidates

    Yep. That take people from OML is for some reason one o the one selected are unable to commission or if they find that they need more nurses than expected.