What TEAS score did you get & did you get accepted in the nursing program?

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    I took the TEAS exam this morning and got an adjusted individual score of 89.4% overall. I got a 97.5 on reading, 97.8 on math, 83.3 on science, and 83.6 on the English.

    I currently have a GPA of 4.0 and I am taking the 3 prereqs for the nursing program now..which are English Comp I, General Psychology, and A&P I.

    I have to attend a health information session tomorrow after which I can apply for the internal transfer into the (ADN) Nursing program out of health sciences-general studies.

    I am super nervous about the whole process and really hope it all goes well. I am just wondering what scores everyone got on their TEAS and if you got accepted or not into your program.

    *Nervous Nellie*
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    I am sure you will be fine. I got a 91% on the Teas. I am taking my prereqs in the program . I got accepted based on the college admissions test, Teas and an interview. My college said my score was very good so I am sure yours is plenty good enough to get you in. RELAX. What was you % compared to the national average?
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    98th percentile.. I guess you are right! I should definitely relax a little and focus on getting As in my prereqs. Thanks for the boost and best of luck!
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    lwhitford28 i am studying for the teas exam..i did horrible on the teas online practice test..but seem to do alot better with the teas study guide book... do you have any advice to give me as far as preparing. i dont know which technique is more accurate! thanks
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    I used the Mcgraw-hill e-guide that someone posted for downloading on here. The reading, however, was NOTHING like in the guide. I'm not sure what the ATI testing guide looks like to be honest. Here is what you should study for each section (IMO)

    Reading-- It's very short paragraphs and some medicinal labels and whatnot that you have to read and gather the appropriate information from. For example..one of the questions was about a label on a medicine bottle and asked "which statement below from a patient would cause concern if they are taking this medication?" and then there are four choices to choose from.. There were a few where you have to follow directions and draw little diagrams and then choose which on looks like yours, etc. It's very much not like any reading comprehension test I've ever taken.. The answers are all RIGHT there.. Just read them all carefully and you will do fine.

    Science-- It's similar to the study guide I used; however, there are many questions not related to health topics. There were questions about rock formations, cloud formations, tectonic plates, etc. It's basic stuff for the most part. A thorough review of basic biology, chemistry, and beginner physics will help.

    Math-- It's just like any other math test I would say. It is mainly geometry and algebra. You will need to know the formulas for area and circumference of circles by heart.. which shouldn't be difficult.

    English-- This is all about sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and some other minor topics. I would review the basic rules for punctuation (like where commas go in sentences including inside or outside of quotation marks). I was nervous about the vocabulary section, but almost all of them had really good context clues to help you get your answers.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!!
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    Thank you!! I do have the McGraw book also...I was just worried bacause I did pretty well with the books and when it came time to take the online pretest I did horrible!!! I got really discouraged!!! But you did very well!!! You must be excited!! I hope I do as well as you did!! Thank you for the pointers it will help alot! Good luck!
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    95.3 adjusted score.

    Don't know if I got in yet - I'll find out in April.. so far away! My top school ranks based on prerequisites GPA and TEAS.
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    Quote from jennafezz
    95.3 adjusted score.

    Don't know if I got in yet - I'll find out in April.. so far away! My top school ranks based on prerequisites GPA and TEAS.
    Fantastic score!! You must be so proud I'm sure you will be fine. Best of luck!!
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    90% and yes I did! Good luck!
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    Wow! You guys have all done great on your scores. I am taking the test at the end of this month on the 28th. I am way nervous, because I just get this one shot and if I mess it up I have to take it next year. I am studing the McGraw hill I downloaded and the Teas book that was recommended. I just wish I had more time to spend on it. I am taking 3 classes right now and they are kicking my butt. I just cant wait to get this month over.
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