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TEAS soon!

  1. 0 I am taking the test on Tuesday...I have been studying my butt off and I have been taking practice tests. I seem to do okay but I want to be able to pass it with flying colors. Any tips? I am using the ATI study manual, which I have heard is actually much more difficult than the actual test. Also, it says I need to bring my ATI number to my test, is that the pen/pencil ID that I keep coming across? Thanks.
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    Something else to remember, is to make sure that you take time to read the question. Actually read the question. I think you're going to find that to be a very helpful suggestion. Another thing to do, is read the question, read the answers that they provide, then reread the question.

    The last thing you need to do, is make sure that you get a good nights sleep before you go to the exam, and make sure that you get a good breakfast before you go. And of course, make double sure that you are there on time.
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    Get at least 8 hours the night before and eat a big healthy breakfast that morning. remember to breathe and take your time. If you dont know an answer, try process of elimination. Good luck!
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    Any tips? On Dec. 16, for a TEAS sitting on Dec. 18? Kinda late, I'm thinking.

    Could have given you LOTSA "tips", a whole heckuva lot earlier, had you asked. (Perhaps you did, but it looked like much of the fluff one sees here. Ain't got no sympathy for fluff.)

    But as to that pencil ID thing--here is an example of of a large organization (ATI), whose instructions are bogged down in a long-surpassed method of operation (paper & pencil tests)--when all tests are now given/taken on computer system terminals. One might think that ATI would have cleaned up these itsy-bitsy (now false) instructions, but obviously they're making too much money to care.

    You WILL need your ATI userid and password, to log on to the terminal you're using. Hope this isn't too late, for you. (Of course, this reply will be delayed by AN Admin, to ensure I'm not quoting actual test questions & answers.)
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    Thanks everyone for their tips Ill make sure I have a full belly! And chorkle, I did post here before. I have actually been studying for over a month now so I know I am well prepared. When I said tips, I meant any last minute things I should know.
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    I'd say bring your driver's license ID too (No brainer, right? How else are you supposed to get there?) because they may want to see it before the test. Mine had us all show our ID's and ATI #'s. It was a paper test though, not online. I brought some print outs on the taxonomy, Newton's laws, ecosystem, ect.

    I used the McGraw Hill study manual and scored higher on the test than the manual. I didn't study very much though a day or so (maybe a few other hours during the week for practice tests), and I got an 83% my first time. The max points given to my program is 90% and the lowest is 80%, so I made it at least!
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    Ahhhh! Thanks for the tips everyone! Im about to leave and head to go take the test! I will post again as soon as I am done!! Fingers crossed!!
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    I am taking the TEAS in about three weeks.
    I have the study guide and have been doing the practice tests in the back.
    I thought the reading would be the easiest part but the questions can be wacked.
    For example, there is a magazine story about an alien abduction in NM.
    It then asks what logical conclusions you come to based on the story.
    One answer is that something strange is happening in NM. This is the one I would have picked.
    Another is that aliens have arrived and have been abducting people - and THAT is the correct answer!
    This is ridiculous.
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    Mrubey, I had that one too!! It was crazy lol. But I tookt he test and omg it was sooooo hard! I do not feel confident at all! none of the questions were even close to the book i feel like crying I find out my results sometime today so ill post them
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    Good Luck NS93!

    I've ordered in some other materials.
    Hopefully it will be more helpful.

    All the best,