TEAS exam next week! Tips? How to pass the TEAS with less than a week to study? :(

  1. I was just told by a counselor at my school that it will be highly unlikely that I will be selected for their RN program, so I went to another school and applied and gave them my transcripts and everything. They said all I have left to do is take the TEAS; however, they recommended I take it NEXT WEEK on 1/9!!! I have to go back and by the teas book on monday. How in the world am I going to pass this test in just DAYS while working two jobs??

    does anyone have ANY tips? I don't think I'll have time to study the whole book... What should I put most of my focus on?
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  4. by   mjs0915
    I am in the same situation grrrr I passed both practice test in the book but I do t know if that's enough nerves are getting the best of me I test jan 10
  5. by   countrygirl1234
    I hope we do ok!! I can't buy the book until Monday, so I will only have pretty much two days to study! and I work two jobs, so I am freaking out! but I read that a lot people did better on the TEAS exam than they did on the practice test, so I'm sure you'll do great!!
  6. by   mjs0915
    Lets hope so nerves settle in and then you start questioning your answers I have to get a 54 percent in every subject to pass I'm only missing two per subject on the practice test I just hope it's the same basic questions as the practice test good luck to u
  7. by   suzw
    Try not to freak out too much, if you have taken all the pre-reqs already, you should do fine. I only had one day, and no time to buy any books, and I did pretty well I think (not sure what a competitive score is though, so I just asked that question in another thread).
  8. by   Brittnicole2011
    Hey Ladies !!

    I test January 11th :/ I'm soooooo Anxious & nervous! I bought the ATI teas v study package with the two online assessments & have been practicing the tests in the book :/ I hope I am on the right track!!!!
  9. by   Aongroup1990
    Just use the teas manual and i do have the mcgraw hill.
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    Quote from suzw
    Try not to freak out too much, if you have taken all the pre-reqs already, you should do fine. I only had one day, and no time to buy any books, and I did pretty well I think (not sure what a competitive score is though, so I just asked that question in another thread).
    My school said a competitive score is in the 80's
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  12. by   Frank91898
    I was in the same situation as you.
    Do you have any idea if science is going to be the make it or break it for you?

    Personally when I took the Teas V I hadn't taken Biology Chemistry or Physics in about 4 years. Anything above 70 in my opinion is good 80 seals the deal, and 90 is just impressive.

    Ofcourse in order to get up there you will need to score good in each section.

    My tips for you are to study your weaknesses, since you bought the ATI Online Assessment it will tell you where most of your mistakes were. I didn't purchase the assessments, but I read that a lot of people found them useful.

    Here are my tips
    English is fairly easy, since we were in the 1st grade we have been learning how to use the English language up until college, so it doesn't need much studying. My advice study your terms the stuff you know but you don't know the formal term for it aka: Coordinate Conjuctions( and but ....etc) Sub conjunctions (BECAUSE..ETC) Subject Verb Agreement( If you say THEY WERE your verb has to be plural as well).

    Reading: As well will not need much studying if you have been studying english and are a good reader. I'm assuming you are a good reader so this does not need much studying as well, just familiarize yourself with the questions on the practice test and you will do fine. Read slowly because the questions can get really tricky. Also know how to identify first person(I), second person(YOU), and third(Narration). I'm sure you can read yellowbook pages and read a map but they are on the test so familiarize yourself!!!

    Math: Again just try to do all the practice problems on the math section in the ATI Book, when you can't figure one problem out look at the examples. No need to read something you already know how to do. Everything you will see on the Practice questions, Practice test are on the test. If you know everything spend your time on building up your speed. Math is the only test I ran out of time on. Speed is essential in math, lots of addition subtraction PROBLEMS.

    Science: The only test I spend almost the whole week studying for (I had 1 week to study as well) and it's the worst score on my Teas V. (I got a 70%) The science portion is really harder than what you learn in the ATI book. If you study your ATI Guide you can achieve a 70 by far, but if you want to get into the 90th percentile or even 80th you will need to look for outside sources. Some of the questions got way more in depth than what was taught in the book. If this is your weak area study this portion the most, make flash cards and try to get as much into your head as possible. Everything in the book will be in the test.

    Finally my last ADVICE

    Don't freak out if you don't do good in the Science section. Compared to science the reading,math, and english sections are a breeze just be careful because they get really specific on what they want and will try to trick you in little ways. Use Math, English and Reading to bring your score up to the top.

    If you work 2 jobs make flash cards and study during break, test yourself as much as possible after reviewing all the info so it sticks in your head and you understand it. You only have 1 week to study I cannot guarentee you will get a 100, but if you put the effort and study you will get a decent score.

    I hope i have helped in anyway possible I was in the same situation as you and when I finished my test and saw my score, I cheered and clapped in the testing room in joy of happiness that I had passed my test and could finally approach the last and final step in getting into my program. THE INTERVIEW.

    Let me know if you need anymore info

  13. by   picklemouse
    I'm using a booklet of practice tests, I have a month until my test date, and I am taking them over and over and over. I'm using the Princeton Review's TEAS prep that I bought online for $14. I like it better than the one provided by the testing company. My fear is all the math and no calculator! It is my weakness.

    Good Luck!