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  1. Brittnicole2011

    Teas v ati study manual

    Hello Everyone! Okay so I'm freaking out :/ I have the ATI PACKAGE With the online assessments & assessments within the book. I have studied the material and went through every page faithfully & do well on the assessments in the book. I just ...
  2. Brittnicole2011

    Help with the Teas science section

    Great job! I test January 11th :) thanks for your tips!!
  3. Hey Ladies !! I test January 11th :/ I'm soooooo Anxious & nervous! I bought the ATI teas v study package with the two online assessments & have been practicing the tests in the book :/ I hope I am on the right track!!!!
  4. Brittnicole2011

    Teas test

  5. Brittnicole2011

    Who's taken the teas v?

    I'm Taking my teas v test Jan 11 and will begin studying this Friday. I just finished getting my BS In health administrator ( double majored) so My last final is this Thursday. I'm pretty nervous and anxious but do you think studying 3-4 hours daily ...