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  1. countrygirl1234

    Did anyone quit Human Resources (or any other Salary Job) for Nursing?

    I'm interested in an HR position as well lol. But what exactly is out there for nurses?
  2. I'm curious, what do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as a case manager or a utilization review manager. Why do you love your job and why do you feel like you make a difference?
  3. countrygirl1234


    I am in the area of quintiles/iqvia. I do not have research experience, but I would love the opportunity to shadow nurses at quintiles to get a feel for it. Does anyone know who I can contact for this? I've tried looking but haven't had much luck
  4. countrygirl1234

    Best specialty for the organized nurse?

    Hey guys! I am a very organized person! Great at thoroughly researching and prepping/organizing for the day or anything! If I'm interested in something it almost consumes me and I love to know everything about it and prepare for it in any way I can. Someone told me she thinks maybe I should look into research nursing. It got me thinking, Are there specialties that I could really utilize strong organization skills? Obviously, you NEED that anywhere in nursing. But is there a speciality that one may excel in? Just curious 🤔 Here's a few I thought of: ICU nurse, OR nurse, house supervisor, nurse recruiter look forward to others comments!
  5. countrygirl1234

    Winston Salem State University RN-BSN program

    Hello! I'm interested in this program. Did you ever attend?
  6. countrygirl1234

    Fastest rn to BSN program in nc? Or online? (Fewest pre-reqs)

    Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear you liked UNCW! Was the program mostly paper writing?
  7. It's a bit difficult to tell online. Curious what others know! :)
  8. countrygirl1234

    UNCC RN-BSN Online Program

    Thank you for replying!! I hate writing papers lol but glad to hear it was very doable. Seems like you finished fairly quickly as well!
  9. countrygirl1234

    UNCC RN-BSN Online Program

    I'm curious about the program as well. Are you willing to share your experience?
  10. countrygirl1234

    Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Nurse Residency

    Hello, did anyone find out the starting pay?
  11. countrygirl1234

    WakeMed Wage and Shift Diff?

    I'm curious what the starting pay at WakeMed and other local hospitals are as well... Did you ever find out?
  12. Hello! Is anyone willing to share updated information for the new grad pay at Rex, WakeMed, Duke, and/or UNC? I did hear recently that the new grad pay at Duke is $23/hr
  13. countrygirl1234

    DUKE University or Duke-Raleigh Hospital OR?

    I would love your input as well! I need to decide between the two hospitals :)
  14. countrygirl1234

    Robotics or Cardiothoracic

    Hello all! i will be registering for an OR interview and shadow event soon. I couldn't be more excited! A draw back though, is I can only pick one specialty! I was going to choose cardiothoracic (as I have already shadowed in general and plastics), but when I went to register, I saw they had Robotics there too. I thought that would be great to see and participate in! Can anyone tell me more about robotics? Which ones would y'all choose to shadow and interview in? I will be a new grad; however, they do welcome new grads in all specialities :)
  15. countrygirl1234

    New grad RN - UNC Rex or Duke?!

    Can anyone tell me what the starting pay at these hospitals are? Thanks!