Just took TEAS V on Friday----Need advice!!

  1. 0 [FONT=arial black]Hi everyone--- I just took the TEAS V exam and I barely passed with an Adjusted Indiviual Total Score of a 62.5%. The college (City College of Chicago) I am applying to requires thier students to have a minimum passing score of 60%. Also the students must have a minimum cummulative GPA of 2.75.

    Do you think I should retake the TEAS V exam with my score of 62.5% and 4.00 GPA. What would you do?
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    Yes! I do think you should take the test over to get a better grade! Since you already know what will be on the test and you will know what to study and how to study differently.
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    I agree with the previous poster. If you are allowed, take it again! Your test scores should improve. It's a hassle but with the amount of time and money you already have invested in yourself you should really do it. Most people, including myself, say their scores improved on the second try. You are not as anxious and it gives you a better idea of where your weak areas are. Good luck!
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    [FONT=arial black]I think both of you are absolutely right. After researching my options and reading your post, I will register to take the exam again next Friday. I will put forth a better effort to accomplish a better score. Please wish me luck and thank you again for the advice
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    If you don't mind, can you share your individual scores for each subject. I am taking it tmrw randomly and I am just curious. I have a great feeling that i will do poorly on the science as I have no science background. What is your take on the science? Thanks!
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    I took it 3 times. My first score was 70.1, second 74, third 81.3, I highly recommend retaking it:spin:
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    Hi Motivatedlilly- I received a 66% in Reading, 84% in Math, 50% in Science, and 59% in English. I had the study manual but did not study like I was suppose to. I would suggest, if you can buy the manual, to purchase it as soon as you can because if you study well you will do great! (just my opinion, ) Science was challenging for me because i was not familiar with the digestive system, endocrine system, and circulatory system. What helped me in the science portion was the Scientific Reasoning, where I scored a 78%. Overall, the TEAS test is a hard test but not impossible to pass with a great score; that's why I am retaking my test next week so I can do better (God willing). I hope you do well on your test too! Good Luck and God Speed! Keep us posted on how you do.
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    My nursing program used the TEAS to create a pool of people who are considered for admission... You have to make a 60% to be in this pool of applicants who are eligable for consideration. Then you are ranked by GPA and the top 50 GPAs are admitted. So in my case, the TEAS has no weight on how you are ranked... only if you are considered. An applicant with a 61% TEAS score and 3.7 GPA will get in before someone who made a 90% and has a 3.5 GPA.

    My point is, check on how your program utilizes the TEAS score. If it wont increase your chances of getting in... I say dont spend the time studying for it! Does that make sense?
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    I took the test on Tuesday. Got 85% overall
    science was my lowest at like 75%...And Ive had Biology and A&P! The science was much harder than I had anticipated!
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    @allforthekidds, were the questions the same when you retook the Teas? I am planning on retaking mine to get a higher score. Just curious:icon_roll
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    If doing better on the test increases your chances of getting into your program and you are allowed to take it, I would recommend it.
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    I am studying for the Teas test as of right now, just wondering if the test covers chemistry as well? I havent taken chem yet. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    It doesn't cover chemistry specifically. You might need to know something chemistry related, but it is very general. I wouldn't waste time studying chemistry specifically.

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